Comparing Autotrader car check with CarVeto

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In this guide, find the differences in price and data between Autotrader vehicle check and CarVeto.

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One well-known brand is Autotrader vehicle check, who offer a single report for £16.95.

CarVeto derives almost all of our data from the same sources as Autotrader.

This includes:

  • Experian for car finance information
    Experian provides the £30,000 car finance data guarantee
  • Police theft markers
  • MIAFTR (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register)
  • DVLA and DVSA
  • Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB)

Data is similar, but we also check for VIC inspection history and provide an elaborated version of DVLA data that includes additional car owner information and city or region where the car was previously registered.

CarVeto offers the same data as Autotrader car check for 30% less. We also provide exceptional customer service for private motorists.

History of CarVeto

Comments from Marcus Rockey

As the CEO and founder of CarVeto, I built the brand on top of 30 years of motor trade experience. My father owned a well-known car dealership in Bristol, and I was learning the trade from a young age.

CarVeto was created to be the first car history check that is intuitive, simple to understand with one simple offering at an affordable price. Since launch, we now offer a Gold and Platinum certificate.

We offer a free service that includes vehicle details, export status, MOT status, road tax status, costs and CO2 output and car insurance status with thanks to askMID.

Included with our best car check is my personal, car buying guide and tips. This additional resource includes just about every tip and trick I have learned to buy a used car that is genuine, reliable and good value.

Two young boys dressed in superhero costumes, trying to represent a comparison between CarVeto and Autotrader vehicle check.

CarVeto helps UK motorists uncover all available online data for any used car along with my personal car buyers guide for £12.50.

CarVeto offers the greatest value compared to services like Autotrader and hpi check.

Start right now with a DVLA number plate check.

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Graphic describing the free used car buyers guide included with each CarVeto Platinum car check