Definitive used vehicle buying guide,
from CarVeto.

Over the proceeding weeks, we’ll be sharing some important segments from our official car buying guide, authored and underwritten by The Used Car Guy. The complete buying guide is complimentary with every Platinum Veto check purchased via CarVeto. Use the vehicle registration field to the right to run a free check on any UK registered vehicle.


Buying a used car privately or from a dealer?

If you are buying a UK registered vehicle privately, from a dealer, auction or online, there are steps to reduce risk and increase your likelihood of buying a vehicle that is genuine, reliable and good value for money.

One such step is buying a CarVeto vehicle history check. At this stage, you already know if your potential new vehicle has Failed, Passed or produced a Warning status. The result also helps you see what, if anything, needs to be investigated further.

Alongside your CarVeto check, we suggest visual inspections of the vehicle and its documentation before you buy.

Our complimentary buying guide is designed to help you do that.



There are certain parts of a used vehicle that cannot be measured via a history check or visual inspection.

For example, the lifecycle of a water pump or alternator cannot be predicted aside from obvious external damage or unusual noises.

In fact, such vehicle parts can fail in a brand-new vehicle.

What car buyers can do is minimize risk by making knowledgeable, informed decisions when buying a second-hand vehicle.


Age & mileage

A well-executed vehicle purchase allows for age, mileage and price. Higher mileage vehicles in lower price brackets are bound to have wear and tear.

CarVeto uses wear and tear as a positive indicator to a genuine, used vehicle.

Aged-related defects can demonstrate a vehicle as being genuine when it lacks unusual gloss, shine or perhaps resprayed or replaced body panels that may have resulted from accident damage repair.

Expect the odd stone chip, curbed alloy wheel or torn seat lumbar when the vehicle is several years old and spent considerable time travelling up and down the motorway.

When viewing a used vehicle be conscious of the ‘polished finish’ the seller is presenting.

Imagine what the vehicle might have looked like before being painted, buffed and vacuumed prior to advertisement.

Be sceptical, but open-minded.

Look out for the next segment of our used car buying guide, next week. We will get into some important car buying facts and look at how to protect yourself when buying from a dealer.

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