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Choosing free or premium car history checks in the UK.


Stacking the leading services by data and cost.

With hundreds of thousands of motorists searching and buying an online HPI car history check every week, it’s a good time to compare prices for some of the UK’s best car check websites.

As you see, buying a cheap car check results in a lack of information that may have you losing money or buying a car in an illegal capacity.

CarVeto has a free car check for all motorists. The car data check includes:


  • Full vehicle details
  • MOT and road tax information (including costs to tax and if the vehicle is currently taxed)
  • askMID car insurance check (important to know if a car is insured before you buy it)
  • Export status
  • Region/city where the car is currently registered (helps to understand if the car is being sold in the general location where it is registered)

Access CarVeto database via our Homepage or enter a reg number below.

Look at the HPI history of car

For the quality of the information provided, CarVeto Gold and Platinum checks provide reliable information and good value for money.


Best car history check website

Mandatory requirements of your car check

  1. Accident damage checks: Category status a, b, c, d, s or n
  2. Finance check: Hire purchase, lease purchase, personal contract purchase (in fact, any finance package held against the vehicle)
  3. Theft/stolen: Ensuring the car is not held on the Police or insurance databases
  4. Mileage discrepancies: Checks to ensure the car mileage is accurate and not endured a milometer replacement or mileage reduction (car clocking)


Knowing the numbers

27% Of cars we check have one serious issue that devalues or makes selling illegal

31% Of warnings are insurance write-off status

19% Of warnings are finance outstanding

3% Of warnings are theft or stolen with resulting insurance pay out


How providers stack up in features versus price

  1. Hpi check £9.99, excludes mileage, finance information, theft, data guarantees
  2. My car check £1.99 (it’s so cheap for a reason) excludes mileage, finance, data guarantees
  3. RAC passport £14.99 includes the four key factors
  4. AA car check £14.99 includes the four key factors
  5. CarVeto £12.90 includes the four key factors


This comparison shows that CarVeto HPI check is the lowest cost car history check, delivering all essential data. Furthermore, we include our renowned Car Buying Guide with every check! With exceptional service, our customers have the greatest odds of buying a car that is genuine, reliable and good value for money.

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The team, CarVeto