When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?

A local franchised dealer was nearing quarterly, and yearly sales quota end and needed to sell a few more of their delivery-mileage cars to earn bonuses.

The dealer had some of its employees buy the few remaining vehicles to meet and exceed sales targets – such is the profit when a dealership meets objectives.

So, one of the best times to buy a used car (pre-registered or dealer approved) is during periods when new vehicle registrations are launched into the market…

Best Time To Buy A Car



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Here you’ll learn the best times to buy a car based on the release dates of new car reg numbers.

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Is now the worst time to buy a car?


The pandemic has dried up the supply of new car models and inflated for those wanting to buy a used car. Expect to pay a little more to get the car deals you really want.

For example, April 2021 saw one Bristol based VW Heritage dealer sell a whopping 83 approved used car sales in a single weekend.

But, there are some bargains to be had if you shop around at the right times and work at getting a great deal.

New Car Registration Plate Changes


New cars registration number plates launch in March and September, year-on-year.

You are likely to get the best deal on a new car during the two weeks leading up to new car reg release. There are instances where you can save thousands from list prices.

If you are buying a car privately, there are no such targets. As a rule, privately sold cars are a bit cheaper than dealers who have expensive overheads like staff salaries, insurance, VAT and of course, warranties (something you will not get with a private sale).

The worst time to buy a used car is in the last and first weeks of a new month, as that’s when droves of UK motorists get paid. Dealers tend to be busier during these times and less likely to offer you a helping hand.