How To Decide What Car To Buy

Buying a new car or used car

Like most seasoned drivers, you might already know the make and model to suit your needs. Dad drove one for years, or your spouse is fixed on an exact model and colour.

Most new drivers are led by on the road costs, with road insurance and fuel economy dominating budget.

If you are open to some consideration on the right car and best makes and models by price, check this typical list:

Which Car Should I Buy



This is Step 4 of your comprehensive car buying guide.

In this step, you will learn how to choose the right make and model of car for your personal needs.

CarVeto continues to support private motorists buying their next car. With over 30-years of motor industry experience and our small, dedicated team, you’ll find everything you need to buy the perfect new car.

Check the links below for all the steps involved in the buying process and what you need to consider.

What to consider when buying a car


How much space do you need?
Is a small five-door hatch going to fit the bill, or do you need an estate or MPV?

Usage (long distances or local trips)
Are you driving mostly around town or up and down the motorway?

Fuel type
Is your mindset on petrol or diesel? Consider how many miles you’ll be travelling over a year and do a quick calculation on fuel costs (remember CarVeto car history check tells you the average costs for fuel, by make and model).

Do you toe a caravan or trailer and need an engine with a bit more grunt?

Boot space
Got a hobby or past time that’s equipment heavy? Or perhaps you have dogs and like to go for country walks?

How it makes you feel
Upfront costs are the common denominator when it comes to buying your preferred car. But if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, fronting a bit more cash on comfort will be worth it after your four-hour jaunt each month from London to Manchester.

So, plan to have a thorough test drive before you buy. As a general rule,  before opting for a car finance agreement or starting a haggle on the purchase price, we recommend trying out similar models, so you can make accurate comparisons. 

Should I buy an electric car?


Are you considering a hybrid/electric vehicle? As we veer towards the all-electric revolution, it might be the right time for you. Government grants provide a helping hand for motorists who are ready to go-electric.

See a healthy contribution of up to 35%.

What second hand car should I buy?

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