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£12.90 Comprehensive checks & data
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  • CarVeto car buyers guide
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CarVeto free car check report 

Instant vehicle history

Free motoring database for UK drivers

Look online to check any car, motorcycle or light commercial vehicle.

Free car check database provided by CarVeto includes vehicle details, road tax status and cost by reg, MOT status, Sorn status, history of export, euro stat and an askMID car insurance check

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Instant vehicle history report

A new vehicle is a serious financial investment, not easily reversed.

Make an informed decision and check the history of a car. Reports are instant and provide you with the facts and online history. Look at complete vehicle records through the CarVeto database before you buy.

If you have questions or concerns, get in touch:

Using our free vehicle checks database

CarVeto car history check is for private motorists who need to check the history of the vehicle before buying.

Information is held across various internet resources (the vehicle history check report page may be limited due to import, plate changes or not first registered in England from new).

Vehicle checks: step-by-step

Outstanding finance agreement

It is provided by a third-party supplier, Experian asset register. Search outstanding car finance check for contracts including Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) etc.

The report includes the type of finance, date when the contract was raised, car finance company, agreement number with direct contact information. Outstanding finance is backed by a £30,000 data guarantee.

Outcome: buying a car checked with car finance can lead to the loss of the vehicle and cash used to pay for it. Finance is a resulting warning alert. Ensure the car is paid off in full to the finance company before you buy. Consider obtaining a settlement letter from the lender.

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New guide on a car finance check

Happy woman that ran a free check on a car before buying.

Car write off check

The database searches MIAFTR (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register) for a trace of minor and significant accident damage with resulting insurance write-off. Categories include Cat A, B, C, D, S and N written off.

Note – insurance write off categories were updated in 2017.

Outcome: Significant accident damage impacts value. CarVeto records written off as a failed car history report result.

Free car history check reveals previous accident damage.

Stolen vehicle

Use a vehicle registration number to scan the Police National Computer (and insurance companies register) to see an instant used car report. Has the registered keeper been paid out by their insurance company due to a stolen vehicle?

Outcome: it is illegal to sell a stolen car. CarVeto vehicle check records theft as a failure item.

Up-to-date car history check reveals the car is stolen recovered.

Mileage history

Get a car data check with complete DVLA MOT history that looks for car clocking fraud via MOT history.

When vehicles have a milometer issue, ask to see the repair documentation displaying previous clock readings and which car parts were replaced.

Hidden history causes problems for car buyers and it affects car valuation and safety.

Car data check protecting female driver from buying an unreliable car.

CarVeto’s free guide to buying a car

If you are close to buying a used car, use our free car check step-by-step guide. It includes how to choose a make and model fuel type, low-cost methods to car finance, selling an old car, test driving, performance data, documentation checks and how to notify the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency when buying or selling.

There are some simple ways to spend less upfront and significantly reduce the costs of running your new car.

CarVeto free car buying guide.

50+ Car checks before a purchase

Find a roadworthy, legal and safe car using just basic details

Vehicle details (free car check)
Get an instant make model and variant, vehicle tax status, MOT status, performance data and free road insurance checks. These constitute basic vehicle details.

MOT history mileage graphs (CarVeto Gold car history report)
Bar chart of MOT mileage history for cars over three years of age (limited to post 2005)

Scrapped/unscrapped (CarVeto Gold hidden history report)
Car check against the destroyed or scrapped vehicle register

VIC Inspections (CarVeto Gold high risk check)
Checked for significant accident damage and repair recorded via a VIC inspection notice

Vehicle registration certificate (CarVeto full check)
CarVeto uses the vehicles number plate and DVLA reg checks for the latest V5C log book issue date

Import/export (CarVeto free car check)
Important vehicle information for car buyers

MOT history (free vehicle check) via
Customised MOT vehicle data, simple to understand and use when determining future car check service and repair costs (via advisory notes). Reports include the next MOT expiry date and list of advisory notes from the last test.

If you want more details on Ministry Of Transport MOT history checks, see our MOT checklist guide

Road tax

Ensure the car is kept legally by ensuring it has current road tax.

You will need to buy your own road tax and insurance before driving on public highways.

Performance details (car details)
It includes a total car data result including the vehicle engine number recorded, engine size and vehicle identification number (partial VIN check)

askMID car check (free vehicle history check)
Road insurance vehicle check by number plate to see if the driver is insured (helpful when buying privately). To check if my car is insured, run an askMID insurance check.

Ownership and previous owners (CarVeto HPI check)
The range of specifics includes dates of change of owners (existing and one previous), the number of previous owners from new or first imported to the UK, area of the local DVLA office where the car was registered. Use this link to check who owns a car.

Get a free car history check

For example, registration number plate WN58HBK

Private motorist free car reg check

Most online services, such as AA car check and RAC Passport check, omit basic free vehicle information needed to make an informed choice.

CarVeto is managed by a small team of automotive professionals who offer peace of mind when buying or selling a used car. Our data sets offer private motorists extensive car history data and industry-leading customer support. 

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