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What does SORN mean?

Check the SORN status of a vehicle.

SORN stands for ‘Statutory Off Road Notification’, an acronym provided by DVLA.

Any vehicle (usually cars, motorcycles and light commercials) checked as SORNED notifies DVLA that the vehicle will be off the road.

After informing DVLA, the registered keeper is entitled to a refund in road tax from annual or biannual total payments.

In order to put the vehicle back on the road, the status must be removed. The simplest way is to tax and MOT the vehicle.

SORN status DVLA postal letter

When to use SORN

A vehicle is considered as SORN under the following criteria:

  • Not insured
  • Not renewing road tax
  • Removed from public highways i.e. home garage, driveway or yard
  • Insurance renewal delays
  • Purchase with the intention to use the vehicle as parts or spares i.e. scrappage, classic vehicle renovations
  • During purchase, where the V5C logbook is lost or damaged and there is no road tax reminder notice/letter

When SORN is not completed

On the criteria listed above, SORN must be in place via notification to DVLA. If not, and the vehicle is found on the road, there can be a significant fine and penalty points added to the registered keeper’s driving licence.


askMID Motor Insurance Database

The Police and DVLA share database information for UK registered vehicles. All parties know if and when a vehicle is insured or not.

A vehicle must either be SORN or held on the askMID insurance database. Any alternative is a break in the law.

Useful car insurance guides:

Reporting a vehicle as SORN

There are three ways to notify DVLA.

Online method

Use the following link to make an online notification with DVLA.

You can choose between:

  • Immediate SORN using the 11-digit logbook reference number
  • On The First Day of the Next Month using the 16-digit tax reminder number that is automatically sent to the registered keeper’s address in advance of the due date

To answer all questions, check our comprehensive guide to DVLA Statutory Off Road Notification in the UK.

By post method

This method is suited when the vehicle is not registered in your name i.e. If you have just purchased the vehicle

Complete the V890 DVLA SORN application form: 

Once done, send the form to
DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR

Provide the expected start date of SORN status and when you plan to take the vehicle off the road. Road tax status refunds may apply.

SORN declaration after a month of notification

You can do this but include a brief letter stating your reason for delay.

By phone method

Telephone DVLA 0300 123 4321 direct number for a SORN statement of intent.