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car specifications by registration number

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CarVeto provides car spec details by reg. Run a vehicle check now for an instant report on a car you own or are planning to buy.

Initially, CarVeto provides a free car details fact report including:

Vehicle basic car spec details


Make model

Export alert status

MOT status and number of days remaining

Car tax status and number of days remaining

Costs to tax

CO2 checks


Engine size

Date of registration and year of manufacture

Insurance group and insurance status (as per askMID request)

Location of vehicle (region/city/postcode area)

With your initial car details, you can decide if our Platinum car spec check is a good fit.

Engine Specification checks


Engine No.

Engine position

Engine alignment

No. of valves

No. of cylinders

Bhp check (Brake horsepower)

Kilowatt output

Cylinder layout

Fuel delivery

Mileage information


Last MOT mileage

Annual mileage

Mileage in the previous 12 months

Mileage geography graph

Full mileage history check

We recently upgraded our mileage history service to include vehicle data from the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) and the Retail Motor Industry Federation  (RMI), providing our customers with extensive mileage vehicle details. 

The appending section also includes fuel economy charts. Find a full DVLA MOT history in the bottom section of your report.

Why our car specification check is deemed comprehensive


Perhaps the most valuable car specs information of all is contained in our ‘Completed Background Checks’. It is the primary use of a CarVeto which offers a great solution for car buyers.

Run a car spec check starting with CarVeto free car check.


Reliable sources:

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Get all car spec information


CarVeto Gold provides full car details and specs information. Some may be relevant, and some may not but we believe in making a car purchase as simple as possible. That’s why we include all data in a single report.

The list is a little too long for one article but here are the fundamentals of a Platinum check. The list below includes the car spec by reg information you are requesting:

Vehicle spec details


Registration number

VIN (last for digits to compare with V5C logbook)

Body style

Transmission type

No. of gears

Fuel type

Engine size (cc)

No. of seats

No. of doors

Additional vehicle details and specifications


Vehicle type




Top speed



Number of previous keepers

Current keeper acquired date

Current keeper owner periods

The previous keeper acquired from date

Vehicle age

Registration date


Here is some useful content on a car owner check

Completed vehicle data checks


Stolen Police check

Stolen insurance company pay out check

Write off check (a, b, c, d, s and/or n)

Mileage issues (as per recorded data from DVLA MOT history)

Number plate changes (this includes previous reg numbers and dates of change)

Colour changes (full body only)

VIC inspections

Scrapped or unscrapped

Import and/or export status

Outstanding car finance check