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A service for private car buyers – look online and check any UK registered vehicle.

How to get a car check report?

You will need a registration number to access the latest vehicle updates and DVLA guidance.

Enter a vehicle registration number

For example, WP62LFD

Get a free instant report

What vehicle data sources supply CarVeto reports?

CarVeto car history check begins with DVLA vehicle check data.

Other sources include:

  • Motor Insurance Anti Fraud Theft Register (MIAFTR),
  • Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB),
  • Experian Asset Register,
  • Police National Computer (PNC)
  • DVSA services

Further sources include BVRLA and RMI mileage calls.

Online reports are instant. 

Enter a vehicle registration number

For example, WP62LFD

Get a free instant report

Buying a new car is a significant financial investment that’s not easily reversed.

Get the facts before you commit your money to buy.

Question about a vehicle check? Get help:

How do you get a free check?

Vehicle checks for imports have limited car history.

Visit our free car check page and enter a registration number plate. Get an instant car history check including performance data like HPI check.

Vehicle history check vs car inspection

Online history checks are different to a physical vehicle inspection, but not an alternative. Car buyers may consider a pre-purchase inspection service.

What is an outstanding finance record?

Look for loan agreements. CarVeto car finance check is provided by Experian.

Get agreement type and number, date of commencement and finance company contact information – car check includes Experian £30,000 data guarantee

Outcome: outstanding finance check produces CarVeto warning status. It is unlawful to knowingly buy or sell a car with outstanding finance.

Check a car: best-practices

Find out if a vehicle has been stolen or has outstanding finance.

CarVeto Checks Finance.

What is a Stolen check?

Previous or existing theft details (sourced through Motor Insurance MID and Police National Database PND). Has an insurance company paid out for a stolen car check.

Note, stolen recovered vehicles found after car check insurance settlement become insurance write-offs, sold to salvage.

Outcome: any stolen car is a reg check failure. It is illegal to buy or sell a car with a stolen check.

CarVeto Checks Stolen.

What is insurance write-off and salvage?

Car check information from MIAFTR database. Written-off status includes category A, B, C, D, S, N with date of record. Write off categories were updated in 2017 so ensure you understand our data before you buy.

Outcome: written-off vehicle check produces a failed report. Write-off significantly impacts value and resale.

What is mileage tampering (rollback)?

Misrepresented or incorrect mileage (rollback) via DVLA car check MOT history. Mileage fraud is on the rise and 1 in 14 vehicles suffer alteration.

Some milometer replacements are legitimate due to broken or damaged parts. For vehicle checks with mileage issues, ask the registered keeper and expect supporting documentation.

Outcome: car check with mileage issues, includes warning status. Inaccurate mileometers impact vehicle safety and value.

New: Mileage data provided by the BVRLA, Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency and Retail Motor Industry Federation

CarVeto Checks DVLA.

Is there a CarVeto guide to buying a car?

CarVeto 13 steps to buying a car. Get help choosing a make and model, financing, selling your old vehicle, test drives, full document car check and DVLA notifications.

Check our new guide to selling a car, including a private sale, trading to a dealership and online via a car buying website.

CarVeto Checks Buy Car.

Is there an additional vehicle enquiry before you buy a car?

CarVeto checks a vehicle is legal, safe and roadworthy

Complete vehicle data for peace of mind

  • What are car specifications checks (vehicle information)?
    Instant car check details make, model, year of manufacture, engine size, engine number and brake horsepower (Bhp). CarVeto car history reports include plate changes, previous number plates with dates of changes, fuel type, askMID and MOT status, transmission number and vehicle performance charts
  • What are registration number plate transfers (reg check)?
    History of personalised car reg number changes, including the date of each change as recorded with DVLA check. Plate changes via DVSA
  • What is scrapped/unscrapped details (history check)?
    Notification of a vehicle being previously unscrapped or scrapped
  • What is import/export (vehicle history)?
    Records of a vehicle leaving or entering the United Kingdom (may lead to partial or limited car data check)
  • What is VIC Inspection (hidden history)
    Major accident damage repair and resulting car check VIC inspection
    Learn about VIC Scheme
  • What are mileage geography graphs?
    Bar chart depicts full MOT history through previous tests (cars over 3-years of age and post 2005)
  • What is road tax (number plate check)?
    Up-to-date road fund licence car check (road tax) signals the owner is keeping the car legally. Without road tax, a car cannot be kept on the road and must be SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).
  • What are colour changes?
    Record of full body colour changes since date of registration in the United Kingdom (colour changes may impact car value)
  • What is askMID lookup details (vehicle check)?
    askMID database checks ensure the vehicle is kept legally (vehicles must have continual insurance, road tax and MOT unless they SORN). Learn more about the types of car insurance.
  • What is car ownership data check (past owners)?
    Previous owners changes include dates, numbers of owners, city/region where the car was first registered locally with DVLA
  • What is CarVeto car buying guide?
    Detailed, step-by-step buyer’s guide included with CarVeto Platinum car reg check
Private motorists vehicle history check best-practices

Help yourself to ensure the vehicle is a safe, legal and worthwhile investment (Vehicle Licensing Agency) provides addition guidance on buying a new or used car

  • Check car make, model & MOT test number
  • Examine the V5C logbook
  • Compare MOT history
  • Are there Safety Recalls that concern you (as noted in any CarVeto car check report)?

Ensure DVLA vehicle check data is consistent with the CarVeto report?

  • Check the V5C logbook is not for a stolen vehicle. In particular,
  • Ask the seller to see the logbook. Ensure the serial number is NOT between
    BI2305501 to BI2800000, or
    BG8229501 to BG9999030 If it is, the registration document might be stolen
  • Car check VIN (vehicle identification number) and engine number
    All numbers need to match the logbook and vehicle. Compare with your CarVeto vehicle history report

If you buy the vehicle, check this basic vehicle information:
You need either vehicle tax or SORN with DVLA right away via the green ‘new keeper supplement’
Green slip is Section 10 on old style V5 or
Section 6 on new style V5C
Seller sends V5C logbook to DVLA for notification
Unless buying from the trade, who must complete the logbook on your behalf and send to DVLA. It remains your responsibility to buy road tax.

You get the green slip to tax the car (vehicle tax)
New logbooks usually arrive from DVLA in two weeks, but since the pandemic, V5 issue dates have risen to six-weeks.

Note, most traders include a hpi limited report with each car purchase. In this instance, a CarVeto premium vehicle check report may not be needed.

Do you provide car reg checks for any vehicle?

CarVeto service is founded on 30-years of automotive knowledge and experience. It was introduced for the private motorist buying or selling a vehicle safely and legally.

Vehicle history check ease of access:

  • DVLA provides top level vehicle specifics via car reg numbers. The free car history check provides vehicle specification, date of registration in the United Kingdom, road tax and MOT status and import status. askMID data via the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).
  • Asset registers provide outstanding finance information. CarVeto partners with Experian finance. Vehicle information recorded by number plate and finance reference number and includes £30,000 data guarantee.
  • Police theft markers provide information for any vehicle that currently appears on the car theft register.
  • Record of theft and insurance write-off provided by MIAFTR (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register) and defined by the Code of Practice for the Disposal of Motor Vehicles and Salvage.


Can you opt out of CarVeto vehicle check service?

Most CarVeto vehicle check information is free. It includes guides discussing vehicle maintenance and keeping a car fit for purpose, selling and buying a used vehicle.


What are the best alternative car check providers to CarVeto?

Access related vehicle history check providers including a customised DVLA check ( Total Car Check, Carpilot, Car Tax Check, Check Car Details, My Car Check, RAC Car Passport, AA Car Check, Free Car Check and HPI Check. Such providers offer a similar car registration checker service.

The status of a vehicle may change and present hidden history.

Look out for previous accident damage repair, mileage issues or a car finance companies agreement since the last vehicle enquiry history check. Consider free vehicle information such as fuel type, as petrol and diesel vehicles are phased out in favour of EV (electric vehicles). Zero emissions by: car reg checker.

Car reg check

Enter a vehicle registration number

For example, WP62LFD

What vehicle check guides do you provide?

What category is CarVeto? – vehicle data
Autos & Vehicles/Vehicle Codes & Driving Laws/Vehicle Licensing & Registration.