Check car number plate history.

See vehicle registration number changes.


Includes personalised plates, previous plate numbers, dates of number plate changes with DVLA, since vehicle was registered.

The CarVeto database provides private motorists with an assortment of car data by number plate:


  • Vehicles must be registered with DVLA, in the United Kingdom.
  • Reports include a history of number plate changes a car has tolerated since first registration.

DVLA car registration number plate

For example, WD19VSO

List of number plate changes recorded through DVLA and CarVeto database. 

CarVeto report displaying plates changes on a used car.

Services are mainly free of charge, excluding an associated fee of £12.50 to uncover specific data points including:


  • DVLA number plate changes, including private plates, dates of change and previous plate change records
  • Last V5C logbook issue date together with registered near ownership history data points, i.e. city/region of the local DVLA office where the car was registered
  • Write-off history
  • DVLA mileage issues
  • Outstanding finance check
  • Scrapped or unscrapped
  • Record of previous theft that may result in car cloning
An origianl DVLA number plate check for a Austin Mini Club parked in owners driveway

Reports are instantly available for download for all UK vehicle checks. You’ll need a car reg number to obtain an initial free service history check that includes:


  • Vehicle details
  • Road tax and MOT status
  • Road fund licence costs
  • Performance data
  • Engine size
  • CO2 output/emissions
  • Brake horsepower checks
  • Euro status
  • Export status
  • Fuel type
  • Body colour
  • Date of registration
  • askMID motor insurance database checks

Questions/support about a plate change
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Accessing this service


CarVeto database provides useful information to help motorists at different times. Run a DVLA car number plate check to suit requirements.


When you already own the car:

  • Investigate vehicle history to uncover historical mechanical issues
  • Clarify findings i.e. a report that the vehicle VIN numbers do not match. It may occur during a service schedule or repair where the service department reports the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) VIN does not match that of the car chassis/body (signals cloning).
  • Ensure you have not bought a stolen car.
  • Look out for costly car write off categories that may impede safety and value. 


When you don’t own the car:

  • Get further information resulting from a recent road traffic accident. For example, you can check a third-party vehicle is insured on the Motor Insurance Bureau.
  • Examine a customised MOT history to see previous advisory notes that may lead to maintenance costs.
  • Check if a car is safe, roadworthy, and legal to buy. For example, if a vehicle has outstanding finance, it cannot be legally sold until the loan is paid off. Ideally, avoid paying even a holding deposit until the car is legal to purchase. CarVeto hpi check provides a layer of protection before you invest into buying a used car.


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