How to SORN my car with DVLA.

Take your vehicle off the road legally.


SORN means you don’t need road tax, a valid MOT or insurance.

Notes on Sorn:

  • You’ll get any full months of road tax refunded
  • If you have already sold a car, you don’t need to Sorn it, rather you should notify DVLA of sale or transfer.


Quick steps to Sorn status:

Choose when you need Sorn

You’ll need the 11-digit logbook reference number (V5C). It’s the large number on the front side of your registration document, usually to the right.

First day of the new month?
You’ll need the 16-digit vehicle road tax reminder reference number (V11). That appears on the front of the form.

Apply online
If you’ve just bought the car and it’s NOT registered in your name yet, you need to tell DVLA it’s kept off the road (this must be done by post).

Tell DVLA you’re taking a vehicle off the road, online via the SORN Service


Free service to check any car, motorcycle or light commercial registered in the UK

SORN Meaning

SORN means Statutory Off-Road Notification and provides all motorists a mechanism to retain legal ownership of their car without paying for running costs such as tax, MOT and insurance.

From a legal standpoint, a SORN status must be applied for via DVLA and declared before the vehicle is removed from public highways. Such vehicles can only return to the road after the legal status has been removed by DVLA.

Removing a SORN

To remove SORN, the registered keeper must obtain appropriate car insurance and road tax together with a valid MOT certificate that deems the vehicle in a fit, legal and roadworthy condition. At this stage, the SORN check status is removed and the car is legal to drive on the road.

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SORN my car, now.

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The Continuous Insurance Enforcement legislation requires by law to have your vehicle insured at all times during ownership. Cars that are found uninsured are likely to obtain a fine of around £80 or even prosecution.

The only exception to this law is SORN off the road status.

Sale or transfer? You need to read our sold my car DVLA guide.

SORN Rules

Rules to SORN and when to SORN a car

  1. Buying a car already in SORN status
  2. If you are unable to tax or insure a car. Often this occurs when buying and there is no V5 with the car
  3. If choosing that you will not tax or insure the car immediately
  4. If you scrap the vehicle and sell for parts
DVLA SORN check with CarVeto

Apply online

Apply to DVLA and officially declare your car as SORN. Use this link to apply online via the government website.


Apply by phone

You can also call via this 24-hour DVLA phone number: 0300 123 4321


Apply by post

Complete and send a V890 application form and send to
SA99 1AR

You need your V5C logbook number or V11 tax reminder form during application.


How can I SORN with the wrong address on V5C logbook?

Complete section 3 in the new style logbook (this has coloured blocks on the front cover of the document)
Complete section 6 if you still have the old-style logbook

Send this completed registration document along with a full V890 form to DVLA at the address above.

See more information on managing DVLA change of ownership


Can I SORN when the car is not registered in my own name?

Complete the V5C logbook to transfer the registered keeper information along with a completed V890 form


How do I SORN my car without a logbook?

  • You cannot apply online without the V5 or tax reminder letter.

Complete the V62 logbook application form together with the SORN V890 application form to DVLA at the above address.

A new V5C logbook costs £25.00

Do you have to pay to SORN a car?

SORN is not a paid service. You will get a refund from DVLA for any full months of road tax remaining.


How long is SORN status?

After your application and DVLA notification, the car will remain as SORN. Use this link to see if your car is SORN. There are no renewals or associated fees.

Free DVLA SORN Check

How can I notify of an immediate SORN?

You must use the V5C registration document (car registration check) 11-digit number to take the vehicle off the road immediately.

First day of the next month

Your road tax reminder form (V11) 16-digit number is needed when taking the vehicle off the road form the first day of the next month. This number can only be used once.


Can I SORN change of owners?

SORN is specific to the registered keeper and non-transferable. If you sell your car as SORN the new owner must apply to DVLA if they plan to keep the car off the road.


Can I drive a SORN car?

You can drive a SORN car directly to an MOT station for an MOT test. Ensure you book your MOT in advance (see this info guide on MOT advisory items) and drive directly to the centre. If you are stopped by Police you will need to explain that you are on-route for an MOT test that was booked in advance.

Aside from the above, it is illegal to drive a SORN car on the road and may lead to a fine of up to £2,500.


How do I get my car back on the road after SORN?

Your vehicle will need a valid MOT and road insurance cover. The final step is to tax the car online or at a post office. Once road tax is issued the SORN status is automatically removed.

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