Can I find car owner by registration number?


Using CarVeto reg check to locate previous owner information

There are several steps to take for car ownership data, but there are limits on what is provided.

The CarVeto database offers details for any used car registered within the UK from new.


If you are looking to find a car owner by registration number (fixed name and address), our service is inadequate. Due to GDPR compliance, sharing car owners’ names and addresses with the public is unlawful.

CarVeto is the lead service, offering the nearest online data via a car owner check by reg number.

Read below for what we include in your report:

Get in-depth information about a car

CarVeto provides the nearest online data relating to car history.

What do I get with a car owner reg check?

  • Detailed ownership table outlining all past drivers from new and when they sold
  • Sold date of the previous owner
  • Purchase date of the previous owner
  • Ownership period of the existing owner
  • Purchase date of the existing owner
  • How many previous owners there are via the V5C logbook
  • Date or registration
  • Vehicle age
  • Latest V5C issue date
  • City/region/county where the car was registered with DVLA
    (local DVLA office of registration)


Number plate search includes

  • Customised MOT history that includes marked advisory items
  • Car write off status including a, b, c, d, s and n,
  • Theft / stolen records
  • VIC inspections
  • Import / export status
  • Mileage geography charts (now extended to include RMI and BVRLA data points)
  • Mileage fraud

We search and return compiled data via DVLA, DVSA, Police National Computer (PNC theft markers), the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) and others.


Check vehicle owner data here

Enter your car reg in the correct format

Use any car number plate to run a free check where you need to confirm vehicle details, MOT and road tax status, export status and askMID car insurance checks.

Our paid service is £8.90 and is instantly available.

Common causes for wanting to find an existing or previous owners of a car

The majority of our customers want to fill in service history gaps for a car they’ve purchased. It’s usually  cam belt changes or gaps between manufacture service schedules (check our car service history check here).

Classic car enthusiasts are another group who are often desperate to find previous owners who might hold valuable information about a vintage car they once owned.

Road traffic accidents and ‘drive offs’ (where a third party fled the scene before providing the insurance information or personal details).

The askMID website can quickly tell you if a car was insured or not – you’ll need the vehicle registration number to find out.

Others forgot to notify DVLA of the sale or transfer of their vehicle and have since received parking or speeding fines. In these circumstances, we suggest contacting DVLA immediately, as you may have ‘just cause’ for wanting personal details.

You can also notify DVLA that the vehicle doesn’t belong to you now and the date when you sold it.

Apply to DVLA for a name and address of current or past owner

How to find the name or address via car registration number?

If you want to apply to DVLA via the V888 form to find a car owner by registration plate, there are criteria to meet. The DVLA can provide details if you can prove ‘just cause‘. DVLA do sell a registered keeper’s name and address to third-party parking companies with alleged ‘just cause’. 

how to find address from car registration number

The vehicle in question must either be one you own, one that was previously registered to you or you must meet DVLA’s ‘reasonable cause’ for wanting information and how it will be used. Reasonable cause criteria are vast and what you plan to do with the information should you receive it will determine the outcome – here is all the information from DVLA.

Before applying to DVLA, you may wish to use the free CarVeto service to check some basic vehicle details like previously exported and if the car is held on the National Insurance database.

car reg to uncover owner name and address

Read our previous article and guide about DVLA change of ownership.

Automotive team at CarVeto.