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Below are direct links to a collection of car buying guides. Useful for motorists planning to buy a second-hand vehicle in the UK.
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Free CarVeto car check

Important information on our free car check service, the information it provides and how to use it. Our free checking services are available to all and only require a vehicle registration number (VRM) to start.

CarVeto versus HPI check

Facts about our service and how it differs from HPI check. The majority of CarVeto information and checking services are free of charge. Services like HPI are mostly premium.

Car owner guide

Our definitive guide to vehicle ownership. Access information that is largely unknown and takes steps to ensure your next purchase is a wise one.

Vehicle service history

Our history guide is extensive with critical information to help motorists buy a vehicle that is genuine and good value. We offer vital steps to spotting a genuine history compared to a falsified one.

MOT information

CarVeto provides full and complete MOT history data for all vehicles registered in the United Kingdom from new. Data is gathered from the DVLA database and compiled into an easy to understand report.

Buyers guide

Our quick step guide to car buying.

We offer a complimentary, definitive used car buying guide to all Veto Platinum customers. After purchasing your Veto Platinum we will send your free guide direct to your email inbox.