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Statistics for car history checks

Lots of cars are stolen throughout the UK each year.

  • In 2020, almost 3,500 Ford Fiesta’s, 2,500 Range Rovers and 2,000 Volkswagen Golf’s were reported as stolen. Ford Focus and BMW 3-Series were not far behind
  • Of every 7 that were brought on car finance, 1 of those had an outstanding balance during the sales process (selling with a finance agreement in place is illegal as the vehicle belongs to the finance company)
  • 1 in 12 cars was recorded as insurance write-off (categories A, B, C, D, S, N)
  • Mileage discrepancies continue to rise over five years, now averaging 1 in every 14 cars checked through CarVeto database

When a used car check signals value and safety issues

  • Insurance write-off
  • Theft/stolen
  • Mileage discrepancies
  • Outstanding car finance like hire purchase, personal contract purchase, leased purchase and contract hire


A car history check is a viable method for peace of mind before you buy. Although checks do not assure car reliability.

CarVeto vehicle check database provides facts that dictate if a car is safe, legal to buy and roadworthy.

This car history check service provides a range of additional useful information that doesn’t necessarily impact value but can influence a buying decision.

CarVeto Checks History.

First layer of vehicle information is from DVLA via It includes:

  • Vehicle specifications
  • MOT status
  • MOT history
  • Vehicle tax

Plate transfers
Number of previous owners
Import & export
Colour changes
Risk of third-party trace

Engine specification
Body type
Fuel type
Transmission type

Engine number
Date of registration
Annual road tax rates
Year of manufacturer
Environmental report
CO2 Emissions
Transmission type

How do I access a free car history check?

Requirements to run a basic free car check report:

  • VRM (vehicle registration number)

After entering a registration number, CarVeto searches the DVLA database to find the vehicle and load an initial report.

Run a free car history check now.


Are there other checks needed before I buy a used car?

CarVeto Platinum history check provides all available online history for buying a used car.


Other car reports based on specific need. These include:

Car owner check – Centred around car ownership, registered near data, V5C vehicle registration certificate stats, date changes of ownership etc.

MOT history check – Complete MOT history report. It puts focus on advisory notes as potential failure items in the upcoming MOT test. Also checked for mileage discrepancies and write-off.

Car tax check – Road tax, MOT and SORN status report that includes theft, write-off and mileage anomalies.

Service history – Tracing service records is difficult due to UK data protection laws. This report will disclose all available history for a car via open-source services.

Best-practice when checking a used car

Buying from a car dealer

Ensure that the dealership has a fixed abode (commercial premises) and is not selling a car from anywhere but their registered premises.

Just because someone is listed as a dealer on the Autotrader website does not mean they are. There is no regulation in place for ‘dealer declaration’ and anyone can buy an advert on Autotrader and call themselves a dealer.

Ensure you receive a printed invoice with full vehicle registration details, warranty information, VAT registration number.

Do NOT allow the dealer to bring the vehicle to you.


Buying from a private seller

View the car at the seller’s address. Ensure there is no change address on V5C and that the logbook matches the seller’s location.

Consider asking for identification to ensure seller information is accurate.


Avoiding fraud

There are cases of fraud in the private and retail automotive sector, but you can reduce much of the risk by following a few basic rules, as follows:

  • Use a legitimate car history check provider
  • Have the car inspected by a third-party professional such as the RAC, AA or Clickmechanic who offer car inspection services
  • Check the car owner’s identity
  • Visit the seller at their address
  • Beware of ‘bargains’ that may signal something hidden


Vehicle history

Premium vehicle checks hold information that has been recorded by an insurance company. Car damage and repair that was settled between drivers will most likely NOT be recorded
Cloned vehicles present a false VRM (vehicle registration number) and VIN (vehicle identification number). If the car is a clone, its data will belong to a different, identical vehicle
Vehicles first purchased in another EU country may hold incomplete information about its history. This is true of all history checking websites like HPI check and RAC Passport
Premium vehicle checks cannot tell you if the car is roadworthy and/or reliable.


Paying for the vehicle

Use BACS electronic bank transfer. A cheque or banker’s draft is the only other form of payment to consider, as all three methods are traceable.

Cash is not traceable. Instant data guarantees do not offer protection for payments over £1,000 (or in some cases, 10% of the vehicle’s purchase price).


Car warranties

If the car is less than 3 years old (or 5 years with some manufacturers) it is advisable to contact the supplying dealer and check the validity of a manufacturer warranty. Manufacturers warranties can be invalidated in certain circumstances, including if the car has not been serviced under manufacturers guidelines.

Vehicles purchased outside the United Kingdom may have reduced warranty periods compared to those of the UK supplying dealer.

CarVeto car history reports include used car buying tips as part of the service (providers like HPI check do not offer this feature). CarVeto is the UK’s preferred alternative to the traditional HPI check, with the majority of data offered freely to motorists.

CarVeto does not service or supply the motor trade.

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