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CarVeto is an industry-leading vehicle history check service for private motorists buying or selling a car in the UK. Our vehicle data is sourced from a range of well-known motor industry officials, including:

  • Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA),
  • Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA),
  • Police National Computer (PNC),
  • Motor Insurance Anti Fraud Theft Register (MIAFTR),
  • Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), Experian Asset Register
  • British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA)
  • Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI)
    and others.


Easy-to-understand vehicle reports

What makes up a FAILED CarVeto check result?

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  • Stolen/theft Police marker database – if the vehicle is recorded as ever being stolen
  • Stolen/theft MIAFTR marker (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register) database – if the vehicle is recorded as ever being stolen
  • Written-off – if the vehicle has been involved in a major accident resulting in an insurance category loss
  • Scrapped – if the vehicle has ever been recorded as scrapped
  • Unscrapped – if the vehicle has ever been recorded as unscrapped
  • VIC Inspected – if the vehicle has ever been VIC (Vehicle Identity Check) inspected?

A FAILED check is equal to our CarVeto. At this stage, we advise you not to buy the car without further investigating the FAILED items.

For example, if the vehicle is displayed as being stolen via Police Theft Markers or an interested insurance company that has paid out a premium to the vehicle owner to cover losses.

Why is it important? It is illegal to sell a stolen vehicle, and you will likely lose both the vehicle and the money paid for it.


What makes up a WARNING CarVeto check result?

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  • Outstanding finance agreements – if the vehicle has any financial interest from a third-party finance company
  • Exported – if the vehicle has ever been exported from the UK
  • Imported – if the vehicle has ever been imported into the UK
  • Mileage issue – if the vehicle has any mileage discrepancies

A WARNING check is equal to our CarVeto, with some conditions. At this stage, we advise you not to buy the car without further investigations relating to the WARNING items.

For example, we provide you with full MOT mileage history. This describes the mileage at different times during the life of the vehicle. We advise investigating a possible milometer replacement. There will ideally be a full, documented history of the milometer replacement, date of the change, parts replaced, technicians that carried out the work and the owner at the time. No record of milometer replacement may mean the car has suffered illegal mileage alteration.

Why is this important? Vehicles with mileage discrepancies are worth less than those without. The safety of the vehicle cannot be verified.


What makes up a PASSED CarVeto check result?

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If none of the above markers is processed as a WARNING or FAILURE, the vehicle will pass the CarVeto check. This means our Veto is lifted, and you can take the next steps to buy the vehicle.

Why is this important? Buying a used vehicle that is genuine, reliable and excellent value for money requires informed decisions. A passed CarVeto provides assurances about a vehicle and its previous history. Motorists are more likely to buy a quality vehicle by accessing the information held via our database.

Note that CarVeto discloses information that is recorded against the vehicle.


Example of what CarVeto cannot disclose:

The vehicle was involved in a moderate road traffic accident that resulted in accident damage repair. The drivers settled the damaging dispute between themselves without the insurance company’s involvement.

In such cases, the insurance company has no record of accident damage. CarVeto cannot provide a record of this incident.

Although a used vehicle has passed the CarVeto check, we advise full visual inspections of the vehicle and its documentation before purchase. A third-party mechanic or car inspection service is also advisable.

Why is this important? Vehicles with accident damage repair may not be as valuable or reliable. Much depends on the quality of the repair and general maintenance of the vehicle.

CarVeto experts have composed the internets leading guide to buying a secondhand vehicle. Learn specialist tips that support making a wise purchase. The CarVeto guide is included with your Platinum car check, with compliments.

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