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Driver’s guide to selling a vehicle online for free

The simplest way to get your car for sale in front of 5000+ dealers across the country.

In a few clicks.

How to sell my car online.
How to sell my car today online.

Step 1
Get a free, instant quote to sell your car.
Enter your car reg number and some basics like car mileage.

Step 2
5,000+ verified dealers bid to buy your car.

A nationwide network of dealers competes on your car listing.

Step 3
Quick payment and collection.

Choose the highest offer. Dealer collects your car from home. You get same-day bank payment.

7 Reasons we have found to sell your used car with Motorway

Over 5,000 verified dealers

There is no need to waste time searching for the best price to sell your old car.

Car dealers submit their highest bid to buy your car

Selling a car to a dealer has never been as easy. Buyers interested in your car will make an online offer.

You choose the best price.

Selling your car for free

Forget annoying hidden costs and fees. You get all the money from the sale of your car.

Steer clear of the hassle of selling your car privately

Avoid the stress of a private car sale. You’ll usually get more for your car than part exchange values.

Sell your car for its actual value

Get a genuine offer and valuation for what your car is worth. Benefit from specialist dealers looking for makes and models like yours.

Sell fast with same-day payment

Free home collection and same-day payment. The dealer will phone or email you to arrange a home collection.

Sell your car with outstanding finance

Motorway sells your car even if it has outstanding finance. Your loan is settled, and you keep the rest.

How to sell my vehicle for the best online price.

How much can you sell your car for?

Start by typing your car reg number into the field provided. You get an instant online valuation, and you’ll be able to see how much you can sell your car for.

There is a range of factors that determine a valuation.

  • Make and model of your car
    We all know that some cars are more valuable than others. So if the new price is high, you’re likely to be offered more than a lower-value car of similar age.
  • Car condition
    You’re likely to get more if your car has been serviced and maintained.
  • Mileage
    Alongside the model, age and condition, mileage determines value. So if your car is high mileage, expect a bit less than a low mileage one.
    Whatever the condition of your car, the more detail you can provide, the more accurate your valuation will be.

Dealers like listings detailing cosmetic issues such as dings, dents, curbed alloys and scraped bumper edges. The same goes for the interior and any mechanical issue your car suffers.

Point of sale

If you can provide a clear and accurate listing, expect to get the price offered online.

Service History

Including detailed service records is another way to ensure your online valuation is accurate. Traders prefer cars with lots of history, receipts, invoices, and service books. So remember to mention it when listing your car.

How to sell my vehicle for cash. Frequently asked questions.

Selling a vehicle FAQs


How quickly can I sell my car with Motorway?

Selling your car with Motorway is quick and simple. First, enter your car’s registration number and add a few details. Then, get your car listed in front of thousands of dealers ready to buy.

Once you’ve seen the offers, you just need to accept the bid you are willing to accept. The dealer will contact you immediately to go over the details you have included and arrange to collect your car from your home.

You get paid by bank transfer on the same day.

The time it takes to sell your car depends on a few factors, such as the demand for your make, model, and mileage.

Listing is quick and straightforward. You can advertise your car right away.

You are asked to upload photos of your car to help traders can a better idea of the general condition. Furthermore, you’ll also have the chance to describe your service history.

Good information to include in your car listing:

  • Vehicle Features
  • Sat nav, panoramic roof, heated seats, parking sensors and added extras
  • Seat material
  • Leather, half leather, suede, half suede etc
  • Number of working keys
  • Tool pack (spare wheel, etc.)
  • Locking wheel nut
  • Smokers car
  • V5C logbook
  • Private plate
  • Outstanding finance

Including additional information helps sell your car fast.

Is it free to sell my car with Motorway?

There are no hidden fees, admin charges, or obligations to selling a vehicle.

The price agreed with the dealer who buys your car is the price you’ll get transferred into your bank on sale day. So selling your car with Motorway is free and easy. There are no admin fees, and you can book an appointment for home collection.

If you take an online valuation but later decide that you don’t want to sell your car to one of the trusted dealers, you can simply remove your car from your free Motorway account.

I’m thinking of selling my car privately. Will that get me a better price for my car?

Selling privately tends to be more complicated than on a car-selling site like Motorway.

You write a classified advert and post it on a car-selling website like Gumtree or Autotrader. Ad costs range between £10 and £90, depending on the degree of online exposure you want to pay for and the car’s value.

If a potential buyer sees your car for sale online, you then arrange a time and place for a viewing and test drive. If all goes well, and you agree on a selling price, the buyer pays you directly before notifying DVLA of the sale and vehicle transfer.

To sell a car privately, you’ll need to be comfortable taking phone calls and demonstrating your car.

You can get more for your car if willing to put in the effort.

There’s no guarantee you’ll make a sale. You also have no idea how long it will take. Sometimes a car can sell in a few days. Other times, it may not sell before renewing your car ad.

Motorway’s service has been designed to remove the stress and strain of selling your car.

See our complete guide: How to sell a car quickly – a comprehensive guide for UK motorists.

Should I make repairs to my car before I sell it?

If you choose to sell privately, making repairs to the engine, cosmetics, or interior proves helpful and may increase how much you can sell your car.

Remember that some repairs may be more trouble than it’s worth. For example, if your car needs significant cosmetic repairs or has a major mechanical fault, the extra cash you get may be less than if you had simply sold it in its original condition.

Motorway valuation tool

If you require more clarification about repairs, consider getting an online valuation for your car with Motorway. List the areas of concern and include photographs. The more detailed your listing, the more valuation accuracy you can expect.

How is Motorway compared to any other car-selling site?

Motorway has established lasting partnerships with the UK’s biggest dealer brands. With over 5,000 trusted dealers, your car will sell fast and for a great price.

Comparative car-selling websites include Carwow, and We Buy Any Car. The latter will buy your car for a minimum price and enter into car auctions where dealers will bid.

Motorway car buying service cuts out the middleman so that you can sell your car directly with dealers ready to bid and offer on the car you want to sell. Enter the mileage and registration of your car. Upload a handful of pictures and a few basics about service history, the number of keys and added vehicle features.

You will get an instant valuation and a range of offers to match. Choose the offer you are happy with, and the buyer will contact you to make an appointment to inspect and collect your car from home.

Remember, payment is sent the same day with no hidden fees or charges.

What documents do I need to sell my car online?

Ensure you have your V5C logbook to sell your car quickly. If you have lost or damaged your registration document, get a duplicate from the DVLA V5 replacement service.

Selling to a dealer in the UK means you just need to fill in Section 9 – Selling or transferring a car to a motor dealer and send the slip to DVLA.

The dealer retains your V5C logbook, so they can sell your car.

You’ll be reimbursed for any road tax entitlement you have paid as you notify DVLA.

It’s possible to sell your car without the V5 logbook, but selling is tricky. So it’s best to get a new logbook before you sell.

See this helpful guide: Sold my car DVLA

Can I sell my car to a trader through Motorway?

Selling to trade is the same service offered by Motorway. It is dealers who will bid on your listing. They are on the lookout for new stock to sell from the forecourt.

If your car is a sought-after make or model, expect to see a range of great offers to buy it. Dealers love cars that are well-maintained and in good condition. List the features of your car with the listing, so buyers know how much to offer.

Selling your car online with Motorway means you don’t need a classified ad or deal with time wasters and tyre kickers.

Can I part exchange my car to Motorway?

Motorway is a car-buying service that helps turn your car into cash. You become a cash buyer, allowing you to get a discount on a new vehicle.

You can’t part exchange your car to Motorway.

Who is the buyer of my car?

It could be one of 5,000+ trusted car dealers, many of which are looking for specific makes and models like the one you are selling.

Quickly create your listing and see how much you can sell your car for. Unlike private car selling, there is no haggling to be worried about. Instead, you accept the price you are happy with, and the dealer will view your car at home and pay by bank transfer the same day.

Can I sell my car quickly?

The Motorway platform helps you sell your car fast. Most listings get right away. You simply accept the bid you are happy with. The dealer will collect from home and pay the same day.

How can I sell my car with outstanding finance?

With your car reg number, run an instant car finance check via the CarVeto database. You can instantly see the lender, agreement number, type of finance and lender’s contact details. Then, call the finance company and request a settlement figure.

The settlement figure is how much is left to pay off from the load (Personal Contract Purchase PCP and Hire Purchase HP).

The buyer of your car is responsible for paying off any finance. They must give you proof of settlement before taking your car away.

If the amount of money owed to the lender is less than the value of your car (the selling price), you will be paid the difference.

But, if the selling price is lower than the settlement amount, you will incur negative equity. You will be asked to pay the difference between the sale price of your car and the loan amount secured against it.

Some finance agreements allow you to give your car back to your lender if you have paid at least 50% of the whole financed amount. That includes the initial deposit, fees, loan interest and balloon payment.

See this helpful guide for further details on car finance, including dealer stocking loans or unit stocking.

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