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Is the car safe and legal to buy?


CarVeto’s free car checking service includes a search and return option request from the ask MID website.

The askMID service was set up to support car accident victims to instantly check if owners are insured and to obtain insurance details of those involved in a road traffic accident.

Any UK vehicle that is not registered with the DVLA as SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification) must be insured or the registered keeper will be issued with a fixed penalty.

All UK companies that provide motor insurance services have a mandatory requirement to be registered members of the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) and to supply data to the MID (Motor Insurance Database).


CarVeto leverage the askMID database as it provides valuable information for private used car buyers. As part of our free VRM investigation, CarVeto supports the askMID function and encourages users to see if a seller is insured.

After running a VRM (vehicle registration number) through the free CarVeto database there is an option to askMID, see below:


askMID check via CarVeto


If the vehicle is uninsured it is good practice to investigate further and, in many cases, reject the vehicle.

Why would a vehicle be uninsured, if it is not registered with the DVLA as SORN?

  1. The car may be stolen
  2. The car may be cloned
  3. The car may have hidden history
  4. The registered keeper has been irresponsible


At CarVeto we prevent car buyers from purchasing a used vehicle unless it has passed our Platinum background history check. The four main factors that cause CarVeto to fail a car check include theft, outstanding finance, mileage inconsistencies and major accident damage resulting in an insurance category loss.

But, a failed askMID query is a further alert to why a car should not be purchased without further investigation.

Enter the VRM of any UK vehicle and start your own search.

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