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Motor insurance database check.


Is a car safe and legal to buy after MIB search?

CarVeto free car check services includes a search return option via askMID and the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau).

askMID service helps injured parties from a road traffic accident or their representatives to instantly check for valid car insurance and helps obtain insurance details due to road traffic incident collisions.

It’s also useful when buying. See our notes for reporting uninsured cars being sold privately.

Running some checks

For those looking for further information about a car on the road:

  • askMID insurance database checks
  • Insurance category
  • Road tax status
  • MOT status
  • Theft/stolen
  • Registered near data*

*For vehicles registered in the UK from new since 1998. Excludes private plates and imported vehicles.


Run a check

SORN status


All UK vehicles not registered with DVLA SORN Statutory Off-Road Notification must, by law, be insured and current on askMID, else the registered keeper on the V5C registration document (informally known as the vehicle log book) will be issued a fixed penalty and possible penalty points on their driver’s license.

Get a full vehicle check report via CarVeto database that includes a detailed search into car history.

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Insurance company involvement


Every UK company that provides motor insurance products and services has a mandatory requirement to be registered member of MIB and to supply up to date data to the MID (Motor Insurance Database).


CarVeto leverage askMID database services via a valuable partnership that supports motorists to understand vehicle status and history. As part of our free VRM investigation (Vehicle Registration Mark), we support the askMID function and encourage website users and customers to see if a vehicle is insured, before they buy it.


See the screenshot below from any free CarVeto check for the option to askMID a query and result, instantly.

[Image sample displaying a free CarVeto history report]

CarVeto Motor Insurance Database check report (MID)

Buying a car that is uninsured


Act with caution. Best-practice is further investigation as to why the vehicle checked is uninsured.


Why might a vehicle be classed as uninsured with askMID and MIB if not registered as DVLA SORN?

  • Car may be stolen
  • Car may be cloned
  • Car may have a hidden history
  • Registered keeper is forgetful
  • Registered keeper acts irresponsibly


CarVeto is a safety measure. We veto vehicles that have not passed all background history checks.


Motor insurance policies

Valid insurance is mandatory to drive on the roads. The three main policy types are third-party, third-party fire and theft and comprehensive.

Temporary or short-term insurance is another option for motorists that need instant cover.


How a vehicle fails our online checking protocols



askMID queries that result in a vehicle as uninsured is another signal of problems ahead. If you find a car for sale that is uninsured or not classed as SORN, contact the Police and report it immediately via this link

A failed askMID query is a further alert to why a car should not be purchased before further investigation.

We recommend reporting an untaxed or uninsured car to the DVLA or Police:

Run a car check for any UK registered vehicle.

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The automotive team at CarVeto.