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A straight answer – never buy a car before a CarVeto hpi check

Outstanding finance

Powered by Experian, you will see a ‘Finance Check’ section that clearly displays ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. We include agreement type, agreement date, agreement number, supplying finance company and contact information

Outstanding finance is CarVeto FAILED Criteria

Insurance write-off

CarVeto searches the MIAFTR Insurance Write-Off database for any trace of major accident damage. Information includes write-off status – for example Cat A, B, C, D, S or N and date of record

Insurance category write-off is CarVeto FAILED Criteria

Theft / Stolen

CarVeto stolen car check searches Police Theft Markers and the National Insurance Database for any UK registered car. We display ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for any record of theft with insurance company payout

Theft / Stolen is CarVeto FAILED criteria

Mileage discrepencies

Complete data via the DVLA for evidence of incorrect or misrepresented mileage. Your car check certificate clearly displays a red marker ‘Mileage Issues’ ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for any recorded mileage problems

Mileage problems are CarVeto WARNING criteria

hire purchase investigations with CarVeto

Vetoed until investigation.

More than 50 checks are carried out on every car

CarVeto blocks every private or dealership purchase until
the vehicle has been processed through our database

CarVeto PASS – Vehicle is eligable to buy
CarVeto FAIL – Do not buy without investigation
CarVeto Fail – Further investigation

CarVeto £30,000 data guarantees

£30,000 Data guarantee

Insured data that keeps you in safe hands

Have complete peace of mind

Every vehicle, every check, we have you covered

Will we lift the Veto on your next used car?

Providing all the facts in a single check

Scrapped car check

Do the DVLA hold record of the vehicle as scrapped or unscrapped?

Mileage Geography Charts

Are there recorded mileage inconsistencies?

Car Ownership Information

How many owners has the vehicle had? When was change of ownership? Previous and existing information

VIC Inspected

Has the vehicle undergone a VIC inspection due to major accident damage repair?

MOT History

Full DVLA MOT history including pass, failure, advisory items and replacement parts

askMID Insurance Check

Is the vehicle recorded on the National Insurance Database as legally insured?

Import / Export

Was the vehicle imported or exported via the UK?

Number Plate Changes

Is there a record of any plate changes since the vehicle was new?

Colour Changes

Has the vehicle undergone a full colour change since new?

What our customers are saying

reviews posted on TrustPilot
reviews posted on TrustPilot

Get the facts of any UK vehicle

CarVeto provides a high quality, valuable car check.

CarVeto or hpi check?

Hpi check is the UK’s earliest car checking service, established in the 1930’s. CarVeto is in no way affiliated or aligned with hpi check. Our car check service is similar and most of our sources are the same.

And, CarVeto is almost half the price of hpi.

CarVeto offers a free and platinum car check service. We chose to offer one product with one clear outcome.

When you buy car data there are crucial components to understand.
Failed datapoints may directly impact your financial investment if you continue to buy the car.


Important data

Stolen – CarVeto search and return data from Police Theft Markers.
If the car turns out to be stolen the new owner may lose their money as well as the vehicle.

Insurance category write-off – CarVeto searches and returns from the Motor Insurance Anti Fraud Theft Register (MIAFTR) insurance write-off status database. Should the car return a failed status from this data point it can potentially mean the car is worth a fraction of its true market value. The vehicle may also be illegal and unroadworthy.

Mileage discrepancies – CarVeto also receive data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that reveals full MOT history and recorded mileage information. Car clocking is on the rise in the UK as a way of increasing a cars market value. Incorrect mileage usually means the car, its engine and components are excessively worn which severely impact on the car value.

Scrapped – CarVeto provides data revealing if a car has been scrapped and/or cloned. This is illegal practice and car value is dramatically reduced.

Outstanding finance – CarVeto gathers financial interests on any UK vehicle via Experian. As with hpi check, CarVeto is backed with a 30,000-data guarantee. If the car bought has outstanding finance the new owner is likely to lose the car and any financial investment made towards it.

Start with our free check service. Get basic information including vehicle make and model, mot and road tax information and if the car is currently insured. After receiving your free CarVeto you may wish to purchase our platinum check for just £12.50.