What is CarVeto?

A Look at the Basics

CarVeto allows you to check a vehicle’s history prior to purchasing it. You may also see a vehicle history check referred to as an HPI Check. This is a trademark of HPI Ltd and is in no way associated with CarVeto.


What is included?
Our CarVeto report includes more than 50 data items related to the vehicle. For an idea of what this report looks like and the information, it contains, please look at our sample report.


Where do you obtain the data?
Our data is collected from a variety of reputable sources, including the DVLA, police and finance companies, and insurance companies. We also gather information from several other motoring organisations, such as the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT). This data is then compiled to provide you with the most comprehensive check available.


Why do you need CarVeto?
CarVeto is absolutely important before purchasing a used vehicle. It provides the facts you need to know to make certain you are purchasing a safe vehicle and not just throwing your hard earned money away.

Unfortunately, there are sellers who do try to conceal a vehicle’s history in an effort to increase its value. CarVeto can divulge the facts they are trying to hide, keeping you from making the potentially expensive mistake of purchasing a vehicle that is damaged, stolen, or worse.

What does CarVeto reveal?
CarVeto reports reveal an array of important information,


Outstanding Finance
More and more people opt to finance their vehicle purchase, meaning they make monthly payments and pay a larger final payment. This also means that they do not own the vehicle until they have made the final payment. Anyone who tries to sell a vehicle with outstanding finance on it may not have the legal authority to do so. If you purchase a vehicle with outstanding finance, the finance company has the legal right to find and repossess it. This means you lose the vehicle and any money you have paid for it. CarVeto will reveal if any finance reports are recorded against a vehicle. These agreements are highlighted in the Gold report you may purchase.


CarVeto reports will divulge if any vehicle registration you are interested in purchasing has been reported as stolen to the police or an insurance company. This is critical to ensure you do not become the victim of a crime yourself. If you purchase a stolen vehicle, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you are required to return it to the rightful owner. You will end up losing both the vehicle and any money you have paid for it.


Written Off
In some instances, an insurance company may determine that it is not economical to repair a damaged vehicle. In other cases, it is determined that a vehicle cannot be returned to the road due to severe damage. CarVeto reveals if a vehicle has been written off for either reason. This tells you that the vehicle has suffered some type of damage, which may stop you from purchasing it.


VIN and Engine Numbers
All reports include information about the vehicle’s official VIN and engine number. This should be cross-referenced with the actual vehicle to make certain the vehicle’s true identity has not been altered. It is common for criminals to change a vehicle’s original identity, particularly if the vehicle was stolen or previously written off. This is why it is so important to verify VIN and engine numbers before making a purchase.


MOT History
Information on any vehicle with an MOT history recorded by a DVSA testing station will be divulged in the report. This tells you if a vehicle has passed or failed recent MOTs, as well as the possible reason(s) for the failure. In some cases, a substantial amount of work may need to be performed to correct MOT failures. This is good information to consider when you are deciding whether or not to purchase a vehicle.


Are CarVeto reports covered by any guarantees?
All of our reports are covered by our Data Guarantee. This is intended to give you peace of mind when you purchase any of our reports.