Notifying DVLA when you move home


Changing registered keepers or where the car is kept


By law, the registered keeper of a car must notify DVLA when the vehicle has a new owner or if the existing owner changes address.

If you have changed your personal details there is a legal requirement to notify DVLA. The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency have the power to fine up to £1000 if they are not notified of ownership changes.

Customised DVLA data report

Enter a vehicle registration (number plate)
Example KX63TWF


The V5C logbook has a number of sections to be completed depending on the next keeper.

If you sell your car to another private owner, complete the logbook with the DVLA change of ownership details. The logbook must be sent to the DVLA and the new keeper retains the green slip.

Selling to the trade is a little different. A dealer will not registered the car in their name as they’ll probably want to retain the logbook as part of reselling the car. Instead, as the registered keeper, you must complete the yellow ‘selling car to dealer’ section and send to DVLA. This allows the dealer to keep the logbook.

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The yellow section must include the dealers trading name, address, VAT registration number and date of sale. You must send this section to DVLA.
Both parties must sign the declaration.


DVLA change of address

If you have moved home, notify DVLA immediately.

The newer styled logbook requires Section 3 completion. The old logbook type requires Section 6 completion.

Send your logbook to the DVLA.

Similarly, if you have changed names you must complete the appropriate Section 3 or 6 and send the car registration document to DVLA.


Failure to notify DVLA

If you incur a parking ticket, speeding ticket or road traffic accident, the offence notification will be sent via the information held on the DVLA database which is one of the reasons why it is so important to keep your information updated at all times.


Finding car owner information

There were recent changes to the type of detail included on a logbook. DVLA no longer include the previous owners name or address on the logbook. It means the new owner can no longer get in touch with previous keepers to find out about servicing and other maintenance requirements.

CarVeto offers a service to help find a car owner with use of the car registration number. You can get the city region or postcode area where the car is registered with DVLA. We also offer the dates of sales of transfer for the last owner together with full mot history and road tax check information.


DVLA contact information:

If you have lost your V5C logbook, contact DVLA here
SA99 1D