Reminder service terms and conditions

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The Driver and Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA) maintains the Ministry of Transport (MOT) reminder service for CarVeto. Therefore, from this point on, CarVeto will be referred to as “we.”

See the following page for an up-to-date tax and MOT check certificate. You will need a valid vehicle registration number.

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Using the MOT Reminder Service

The MOT reminder service must not be used for unlawful purposes nor in a manner that infringes on the rights of others. Furthermore, it should not be used to inhibit or restrict the use and enjoyment of the site by other persons.

DVSA is constantly updating the MOT reminder service. This may include removing or changing any content without any notice.

The reminder service is provided voluntarily and is intended to remind owners of their upcoming MOT due date or the due date of their yearly test for public service and heavy goods vehicles. It is entirely the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner to make sure the vehicle is safe for driving on the roads.

Neither we nor DVSA is not responsible if an owner does not receive an SMS message or email specifying the upcoming MOT due date. To use these services, you must provide a mobile phone number, or email address that is either owned by you or you have permission to use.

Only people with a vested interest in the vehicle are eligible for MOT reminders.

If a vehicle’s registration number is changed, the MOT reminder service will automatically update your subscription to the new number. This process may take several days from the date the DVLA confirms the registration number transfer has been processed. If your personalised registration number is transferred to a new vehicle, you are responsible for unsubscribing and registering for your new vehicle’s MOT reminder.

If the mobile phone number or email address you have signed up with is no longer in service or exists, we will automatically cancel your MOT reminder subscription.

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  • Outstanding finance
  • Plate changes
  • Car insurance queries

You will need a vehicle registration number to register

How to Unsubscribe from MOT Reminder Service

You will be expected to unsubscribe from MOT reminders in the following situations. If the vehicle is:

Transferred to another person
Registered as an off the road vehicle
Written-off or scraped

To unsubscribe, you should:

Click on the unsubscribe link in the email you receive
Follow the instructions you receive in an email

You will be charged a standard network fee by your mobile phone provider for sending a text message to unsubscribe from MOT service reminders.

Linking to CarVeto MOT Reminder Services

We strongly encourage other websites to link to the MOT reminder service.

You will need to contact the DVSA for permission if you intend to:

Say or imply that your website is endorsed by or associated with any government agency or department
Charge the users of your website to click on a link directing them to any page of the MOT service reminder

Linking from the MOT Reminder Service

There may be links on the MOT reminder service that are regulated by other government agencies and departments, as well as other organisations or service providers. We have no control over these websites’ content.

We do not accept responsibility for:

Any damage or loss that may occur from your use of these sites or any websites they link to
Protecting the information that you provide to these sites

By reading these Terms and Conditions, you agree to dismiss us or DVSA from any disputes or claims that may result from your use of these sites.

It is your responsibility to read and understand all Terms and Conditions, end-user licences, and privacy policies relating to these websites before you begin to use them.

Using Content from the MOT Reminder Service

Most of the content displayed on the MOT service reminder is published under the OGL (Open Government Licence) and is subject to Crown copyright protection.

Certain content is exempted from the OGL. This list can be found here.

If Crown copyright protection or published under the OGL doesn’t apply to the content, we will most likely credit the copyright holder or author.

You may copy content published on the MOT service reminder if you adhere to the license’s conditions and under the OGL.

If you are interested in copying content but are not sure if it is covered by the OGL or Crown copyright, please get in touch with us.

Most of the content included in MOT reminders is made available for use on other websites and applications. These websites and applications are not our products. However, they may utilise versions of our content that have been edited and stored for use later (‘cached’).

We do not provide warranties, conditions, or guarantees regarding the completeness or accuracy of the content used by these applications or websites. Additionally, we assume no responsibility for any damage or loss you may experience because of your use of these products.

You can always find the most recent version of our DVSA content on the MOT reminder service.


We make every reasonable effort to ensure our MOT reminder service is kept up to date. Still, we do not offer any warranties, conditions, or guarantees that the information will be:

The latest version
Free of viruses or bugs
100% correct

Advice is not published on the MOT reminder service. Therefore, before making any decision based on the included content, you should seek specialist or professional assistance.

We take no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur from using MOT reminder, including:

Any consequential, direct, or indirect loss
The use of MOT reminder service, as well as any websites linked from or to it
Any damage or loss resulting from civil wrongs (‘tort,’ such as negligence), breach of contract, or others
The inability to utilise MOT reminder service, as well as any websites linked from or to it

It applies whether the damage or loss was anticipated, occurred during the usual course of things, or you were told that it could occur, including, but not limited to:

Expected savings
Reputation or goodwill
Salary, including benefits and other payments
Revenue or income
Personal property
Wasted office time or management
Intangible property, such as the damage, corruption, or loss to a computer system or data

In some instances, we may still be considered liable for:

Fraudulent or false misrepresentation
Personal injury or death resulting from our neglect
Other liability that cannot be limited or excluded under applicable law

Requesting Content Removal

You may request that certain content be erased from MOT reminders. However, this will only be done in specific cases, such as when the content contains sensitive personal information, data, or material, breaks copyright laws, or could be viewed as defamatory or obscene.

You must contact us regarding the removal of content. Your communication should include a brief explanation of why it should be deleted and the content’s URL (website) address. You will receive a reply with our decision.

After discussion with any agency or department responsible for it, removal is at our discretion. Under the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

Visiting MOT Reminders

We collect data about you under our cookie policy and our privacy notice. Your use of MOT reminders establishes your agreement with us regarding the collection of this information and your confirmation that the data you have provided is correct.

Virus Protection

We make every reasonable effort to test and check MOT reminders for viruses during every production stage. However, it would help if you were sure that your way of using MOT reminders doesn’t expose you to malicious computer code, viruses, or other types of interference which could potentially harm your computer system.

We do not assume responsibility for the damage, disruption, or loss of your computer system or data that may occur when you are using MOT reminders.

Hacking, Viruses, and Other Offences

It would help if you did not introduce viruses, trojans, logic bombs, worms, or any other material when using MOT reminders that have the potential to be technologically harmful or malicious.

You should not attempt to attack the MOT service reminder in any way, including denial-of-service attacks.

You should not try to obtain unauthorised access to MOT reminders, the database or computer it is connected to, or any server, including its stored one.

All attacks or attempts to obtain unauthorised access to MOT reminders will be reported to the proper authorities. All information will be shared with them.

Governing Law

All terms and conditions are construed by and governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Suppose you have any disputes relating to these terms and conditions or the use of MOT reminders (either contractual or non-contractual). In that case, you should be aware that you will be subject to the jurisdictions of England and Wales and their courts.

General Information

You may find additional legal notices on MOT reminders related to your use of the site. However, we are not responsible for your failure to comply with these terms and conditions because we cannot reasonably control circumstances.

We may choose not to enforce or exercise any of the rights outlined in these terms and conditions. However, we have the right to enforce or exercise them later.

Doing this does not waive our right to do so on another occasion.

If all or some of the terms and conditions outlined above are determined to be unenforceable, invalid, or illegal, the remaining terms and conditions are still applicable.

Making Changes to These Terms and Conditions

You are responsible for routinely checking and reading these terms and conditions. We have the right to update or alter them with no prior notice.

If you continue using MOT reminders after the terms and conditions have been updated or altered, you agree to any changes.