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Arranging a new MOT test on your car will likely take up the day, even if it passes the test the first time.

Dealing with MOT failures and getting your car booked back into the same test centre means more juggling around. You will also be without your car during repairs and retest.

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The annual MOT test certificate due date 

You can quickly see if your car has a valid MOT and its due date via CarVeto’s reg check reports. Enter your vehicle registration number in the field for a full MOT check that includes a list of previous failure items, advisory notes, environmental standards for exhaust emissions (especially diesel cars), costs for road tax and mileages at the time of each test.

Your car can be retested up to 28-days before its official due date, as displayed on the previous MOT certificate. Dundalk motors London


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An MOT is a mandatory inspection of a vehicle and underpinned by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (part of the UK Department of Transport).

Most cars, vans and motorcycles must undergo their first MOT at three years of age. After that, they must be retested every year to keep them safely and legally on public roads.

DVSA sets strict criteria that determine if a car is roadworthy.

There is a wide range of vehicle safety checks on each car MOT, and MOT testers are approved examiners via the DVSA.

What is tested in a standard MOT?

Your local car repairs garage includes tyres, seatbelts (including the seatbelt load limiter), lights and emissions. For a complete list of MOT checks, see the CarVeto MOT checklist DVLA guide.

During the car inspection, the MOT tester will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle to check the roadworthiness of car parts.

A local garage MOT inspection doesn’t examine the engine’s working parts, usually during a full or interim service.

Remember, the condition of your car is applied on the day of the test. As a driver, you are responsible for maintaining your car and ensuring it is fit for purpose and in a good roadworthy condition.
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Passed MOT test and roadworthiness

If the vehicle passes its assessment, it will produce a passed MOT certificate. It includes items on the vehicle that are worn but not deemed unroadworthy or broken. Known as MOT advisory notes, you will receive a list of items that will need to be replaced in the coming months.

MOT failure and next steps

If your vehicle fails its MOT, you will get a list of dangerous or significant (major) faults. These car parts may be repairable or must be replaced for the car to pass its MOT test.

In some circumstances, your car can be repaired the same day with a free MOT retest.

MOT certificate renewal

UK vehicles over 3 years of age need a valid certificattion. Tests must be carried out every year, regardless of the mileage travelled across the preceding 12-months.

If your car is less than 3 years old from first registration, you don’t need an MOT test.

This is also true from Class 7 light commercial vehicles weighing 3 tonnes to 3.5 tonnes. It also includes motorhomes weighing up to the same limit.

Taxis and ambulances are usually tested after 1 year of being on the road.

Up-to-date MOT rules (expired mot’s)

DVSA offers a free MOT reminder service via the website.

Your vehicle MOT certificate remains valid for 12-months from the expiration date of the previous MOT.

It remains the driver’s responsibility to ensure the car is legal and roadworthy at all times after a valid pass certificate has been issued.
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MOT test centres reports and common MOT failures

Some vehicle repair can be sorted out at home, a crucial step in saving time and avoiding an MOT retest.

Common failures include:

Light (headlamp aim check)
Seat belts
Broken registration plate
Windscreen glass (stone chips in the driver’s line of vision exceed 10 mm)
Split wiper blades
You can check and fix these quickly and cheaply. However, repair costs at your MOT centre are likely to be expensive, and you’ll need a MOT retest.

MOT expired and driving on the road

You are not permitted to drive your car on the road without a valid MOT test certificate, and you can’t tax it.

DVSA issue significant penalties to motorists who avoid or forget to keep their MOT tests up to date. In 2021, fines can be up to £1,000. In addition, should your car be found with dangerous parts, a fine of up to £2,500 may be issued with 3 points on your driving licence.

Classification of dangerous car parts includes significant impacts upon the environment (often a DPF filter cleaning emissions failure such as a damaged catalytic converter) or immediate risk to road safety.
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