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With help from DVLA, look at all vehicle history via a CarVeto car reg check

Free, instant reports for private motorists


Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency oversee most of the components relating to cars, motoring and number plates with a vast, largely opensource database to help motorists get useful information.

CarVeto vehicle checks are dedicated to private motorists. We don’t work with car dealers or offer trade accounts.

With 29 years of direct automotive experience, we have partnered with a industry bodies including DVLA, DVSA, MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau), MIAFTR (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register) and the Police to provide a number of comprehensive car registration and history checks for motorists that needs to find out more information.

A CarVeto check is instant and contains all available online data for any used vehicle, in one place.

What is the registration number?

CarVeto provides results for vehicles registered in England, Wales and Scotland. Imported vehicle data is limited and may include inconsistencies in dates and mileages

When is this useful?

In most circumstances, DVLA number plate checks are useful when?


  • Buying a used vehicle
  • Selling a used vehicle
  • Maintaining a used vehicle

Starting with a registration number plate

Note that data for imported vehicles is limited, and our UK database can only return comprehensive information for vehicles registered in the British Isles, from new.


Free CarVeto number plate check, basic checks:

  • General vehicle specifications
  • Engine size
  • BHP (Brake Horse Power)
  • Date of registration
  • Fuel type


Additional free information

  • MOT status and expiry
  • Customised MOT history (for vehicles 3 years old or more)
  • Road tax status
  • Road tax rates
  • SORN status
  • Import status
  • Colour
  • CO2 output (emissions)


See askMID database to see if a vehicle is insured; important when buying privately.


Get a car reg check

After accessing our initial DVLA registration checks, users can choose to purchase a full report that includes all available car history.


Contents or a full CarVeto check

  • Write-off
  • Stolen/theft
  • Mileage anomalies
  • Number plate changes (includes a list of previous plates with dates of transfer)
  • Colour changes
  • VIC inspection
  • DVLA registered near data
  • Dates of change of ownership
  • Last 4-digits of VIN (vehicle identification number)


Reports are instantly loaded in your browser and purchase information emailed to your inbox.