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Marcus Rockey is an accomplished automotive expert with a lifelong passion for cars. Growing up in the motor trade, he gained invaluable experience buying, repairing, and selling used cars. He was mentored by his father, Nigel Rockey, a respected motor trader in Bristol and South West of England. Marcus’s formative years were spent learning the intricacies of the trade, catering to both professionals and the public. Impressively, he made his first successful sale at 11, a 1992 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 L.

Marcus has also worked extensively in search engine optimisation (SEO) and is passionate about search engine algorithms and optimising websites to the top of search.


Outside work, Marcus is a father to three daughters, loves Sci-fi movies and walking his two dogs (Frodo and Lola). He became a devoted Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner in 2018.




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Recent work

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Registered keeper versus legal owner

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Subject Access Requests to the DVLA.

What is a subject access request to DVLA?Authored by Marcus Rockey, covering the automotive sector for more than 30-years. Published 18th February 2023.The DVLA holds certain information about you and your vehicle (which is registered in your name via the V5C DVLA...

Buying Car No V5C.

Should I be buying a car without a V5C?   The 5 things you need to avoid when the seller doesn't have a DVLA log book   Buying a car privately comes with risk.   A new car is a significant financial investment that is not easy to reverse should you hit...

Road Tax No Documents.

Taxing a car without a V5 logbook, V11 tax reminder or green slip (new keeper supplement).   It is against best practice and government advice to buy a car without its DVLA V5C registration certificate, informally known as the logbook. It becomes especially...

New Style Logbook From DVLA.

Latest V5C DVLA Log book explained. Definitions of each section of DVLA's new car log book V5C document.   How to replace, update or change a car owner's name or address from a sale or transfer of ownership.What is a V5C? The V5C log book registration document,...