Check DVLA MOT history of any UK vehicle

See recorded mileage history for all MOT tests, expiry dates, advisory notes and defects


Road tax, MOT check, DVLA history, sorn, and export status in a single free car check


  • If the vehicle has passed or failed any MOT check
  • The exact mileage at the time of each MOT test (Ministry Of Transport data)
  • Date of test
  • Mileage between tests
  • Parts that failed each test MOT, including those with minor mechanic issues
  • Advisory note items where the vehicle passed with a valid MOT check certificate with DVLA but had car parts that were worn and due to be replaced (probably in the next 12-months or time of next vehicle check test)

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CarVeto will check valid road tax and MOT test history results for vehicles registered in England, Wales and Scotland post 2005. All rights reserved.

Information relating to an MOT

As a private motorist, it is important to stay on top of maintenance and ensure your vehicle remains legal and roadworthy.

Find a number of related sections including, what is an MOT, certificates, advisory items and MOT fast pass. Links below provide answers to each of these sections and more.

MOT history when buying a car

Most vehicles on the road have a mandatory MOT test at 3-years old, although a vehicle can be tested sooner if the driver feels it necessary (i.e. when the vehicle has travelled unusually high mileage).

MOT status checks on some vehicles, like taxi’s and ambulances, have a shorter period before their inaugural test, usually 1-year.


Uses of MOT history via our DVLA database feed

Post-2005, excluding Northern Ireland (a vehicle does not need valid MOT status to run an accurate search)

Accessing a CarVeto DVLA MOT history check service is useful before buying a car. You get to see how the vehicle has performed in previous tests, car parts that caused a failed check, and a list of any advisories.

CarVeto Gold and Platinum checks also highlight if the vehicle has a history of mileage problems.

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1. Get an MOT check

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2. Is it insured?
3. Questions or concerns

Get in touch with DVLA direct

You can also check MOT status by registration number on the Government site:

4. Motorcyclist?

If you ride two wheels, see our useful motorcycle MOT checklist guide

Vehicle reports check:

  • Date and time of past MOT check test results
  • MOT test results, either pass or fail
  • Advisory items
  • MOT mileage check at the time of each test
  • Suspect mileage discrepancies (this is flagged via the CarVeto Warning system)
  • Mileage between tests
  • Geography charts


Delivered instantly in a handy, online report

But, CarVeto car check omits:

MOT test certificates
MOT test locations

To obtain this information, you need to visit the Ministry Of Transport DVLA MOT website with the latest V5C number (11-digits from the vehicle logbook).

This allows you to view the valid MOT certificate and test location, online.

If buying, the registered keeper should have no problems in providing this type of information.

Find out how to replace a lost MOT certificate via

Screenshot example of a CarVeto MOT history check

full mot history with CarVeto

MOT check advisory notice items

Identifying advised items is helpful as it provides advice when buying a vehicle.

When a car part is listed as advisory status, it means the item is legal and roadworthy but if it becomes a little more serious, the vehicle may become unroadworthy and illegal to drive. In such cases, the vehicle may need immediate mechanical attention.

So, advisories that appear on the current or latest MOT certificate let you know that the vehicle will need mechanical repair and financial investment in the coming months and miles of motoring.

The owner will pay for those parts and repairs.

Find out more about an MOT advisory check

“A worn car part needs attention in the near future although the vehicle passed its MOT test”

Get an MOT history check


I’m only looking to see when is my MOT due

UK’s top MOT test check failures

Get a valid MOT at the first test

Bulbs – now, up to 30% of lighting-related issues come down to blown bulbs. These are cheap to buy and, on most vehicles, easy to fit

Washers & wipers – around 8% of vehicles fail due to worn/broken wiper rubbers or blocked washers

Tyres – averaging at 10%, worn tread or faulty tyres are another common cause of a failed MOT test

(Statistics are based on vehicle reports provided by CarVeto)

Emissions test are tougher than ever as the government attempts to improve air quality.

A failed MOT remains less common compared to the car parts listed here, but is renowned for expensive repair bills.

If you are buying a car with emissions issues, it is good practice to understand what the issues are and likely costs of repair. Check MOT emissions testing on GOV UK.


Whether a vehicle check fails on a simple brake light bulb or something more serious such as a driveshaft, an MOT retest is always required. This means more time and labour before the car is deemed roadworthy.

“There is a serious fault or environmental risk with the vehicle resulting in an MOT failure”

A handful of motoring experts recently contributed to this detailed MOT checklist guide. See useful tips to saving money and getting your vehicle through its test at the first time of asking.

You may also check local council MOT centres

DVLA MOT’s and taxing a vehicle

Notes on road tax requirements.
Documents you’ll need:

Taxing a car at a local post office

  • Your logbook (V5C or V5C/2 if you are buying the car)
  • V11
  • V85 (for HGV’s)

Without these items, you need a V5C application form (V62). Logbook application is £25, and you’ll need a valid type of car insurance

If the vehicle is over 3-years old, you will need a valid MOT certificate or exception check certificate if you are in receipt of disability vehicle tax.

If the vehicle has been modified to reduce pollution, the Reduced Pollution Certificate is also required. Use the following citation to check car tax.


Require more MOT information? We answer many questions on the components of an MOT. Click this link to see our sitemap now.

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