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Vehicle check theft alerts from Police records or motor insurance claim to pay out

Police National Computer (PNC) lost (including destroyed and potential cloned) car check investigation

Check if a vehicle is marked as stolen via CarVeto's database.

Enter the registration number of the vehicle

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Check if a car is stolen from its rightful owner and recorded with the Police National Computer or National Insurance Database

Avoid buying a stolen vehicle, or taking ownership of one, that usually results in losing it and the money paid to buy.

The stolen vehicle check record means that the car must be returned to the legal owner or their insurance company (if they have already filed an insurance pay out).

CarVeto stolen car check lets you know if a car is held with a live theft status – reports are carried out by registration number and let you know if a vehicle is legal to buy.

This database searches and returns detailed, accurate information from police records and the national insurance system. It includes insurance pay-out to a policyholder for theft and permanent loss of their vehicle via insurer databases.

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Is It Nicked? A free stolen dvla car check.

As part of CarVeto best-practice, a theft alert is equal to a FAILED result. It means our users will not buy a stolen car.

stolen car insurance payout and police checks

What is a stolen car recovered?


A car is stolen, but the insurer is yet to pay out the policyholder

As the description suggests, a car recovered from theft is a car previously stolen and later recovered (found) and logged on the Police National Computer and National Insurance Bureau databases.

The length of time taken to find a stolen vehicle and its condition after retrieval play important roles in what happens next.

Statistically, stolen vehicles are found quickly and with little damage (used for joyriding) and without insurance fraud.

In such cases, a car is returned to its owner or registered keeper (individual recorded on the registration certificate or V5C).

When a stolen vehicle is recovered in damaged condition, the insurance company will inspect it and determine if it is worth repairing.

  • If repairs are higher than value, the car may be considered a write-off and sold on a salvage auction.

Typically, the vehicle check will hold theft recovered status and given one of six ABI (Association of British Insurers) write off categories: Cat A, B, C, D, S, N.

Future car history checker services (such as hpi check and CarVeto) will report that the car is stolen.

When a car is found and recovered after an extensive period, and the insurance company have already processed a claim, the car will be retained by the insurance company and sold to salvage.

Although a stolen vehicle might have sustained little damage and be in good general condition, it will have a stolen car check theft marker. Despite being in good condition, it impacts value and how easy the car can be sold.

Because stolen cars sell for much less, some motorists are willing to buy.

Buyers must calculate how much money is saved buying a previously stolen vehicle while considering the difficulty of selling it in future.

Another risk of buying with a stolen car check record is excessive gearbox and engine wear that may be significant and difficult to detect at the point of purchase.

Both are expensive to repair or replace and are likely to outweigh any potential savings.

Can I use CarVeto for a theft car check?


Head over to a free vehicle history check and enter the car registration number into the field provided. It presents you with necessary car information derived from DVLA and Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

This initial result is a free check that helps confirm some essential details.

Car checks are carried processed by the current registration number. CarVeto’s initial report does not include a free stolen car check. See below for what is included:

  • Vehicle information – this includes make, model, engine type, brake horsepower, date of registration, vehicle colour and the location where the car is currently registered with the DVLA (otherwise known as V5C logbook detail)
  • MOT history and status
  • Road tax status
  • Road tax costs
  • askMID car insurance companies check
  • Export status

After confirming the registration number you are providing matches with the used car, you can choose to access a stolen car check.

The cost for a car check is £7.90 for CarVeto Gold or £12.90 for Platinum.

Look for the clear red or green marker that states if the vehicle is recorded as stolen via the DVLA, Police or MIB Motor Insurance Database.

Keep in mind that buying stolen cars results in loss of both the vehicle and money used to buy. Theft markers also severely impact resale value.

What is included in a used car check?

A car check report includes all available online information about the vehicle.

Each report includes:

  • Outstanding finance data (read this article about outstanding finance check types, including stocking loans),
  • Mileage issues,
  • Write off warnings
  • Number plate changes recorded with DVLA,
    We also make sure you are not buying a stolen car.

Aside from cloning, buying a vehicle that has a stolen car check insurance pay out will result in a substantial personal financial loss.

The police has the authority to reclaim stolen vehicles and return them to their rightful owners.

The £12.90 you spend on a CarVeto certificate can be a wise investment, especially if you are buying.

Common questions

What’s included in a used car stolen check

CarVeto service uses the Police National computer (PND) and Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and the MID, who holds a record of all vehicles currently insured in the UK. MID is managed by MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) and DVLA access to enforce car insurance law.


Helpful steps to avoid buying stolen vehicles

Without a CarVeto report, you can mistakenly buy a stolen vehicle. There are addition steps you can take alongside a car check. Insist on seeing the registration certificate (V5C logbook). Make sure the registration number matches the car. See that the registered keeper details (name and address) match the location where you are viewing the vehicle. Fraudulent V5C docs exist. In particular, look out for logbook serial numbers between BI2305501 to BI2800000, or BG8229501 to BG9999030 that indicate a stolen car.

Also, check the VIN is identical to the car. A CarVeto car check also provides the last 4-digits of the VIN together with the engine number.


What to do if you buy a stolen car mistakenly

Before contacting local police services, make sure the vehicle was not towed away by the council due to illegal parking. TRACE is a London locating service which pounds reported or found cars parked illegally.

Unless you are sure your car has stolen, get in touch with TRACE online or by telephone, 0300 077 0100. They also have a text phone service on 0300 123 2050. have further guidance.

Reporting theft – Call the Police by dialling 101. Notify of your name, address, registration number, make model, colour and vehicle status at the last time of seeing the car.

Collect a unique crime reference number and then contact your insurance company who will direct you on the stolen check and making a claim.


Should I notify DVLA?

Check this recent guide on how to notify DVLA of changes in vehicle details (including if a vehicle is stolen) and personal circumstances.

The Police will inform DVLA, but we recommend telling them immediately. If the stolen car is not recovered, your insurer will effectively buy it from you in the form of an insurance pay out. It is equal to the sale or transfer of a motor vehicle, and you must notify DVLA.


Is there a free stolen car check?

There is a handful of services that offer a free stolen vehicle check service with some limitations. Free stolen check services can be a little annoying as you need to give a lot of information. The CarVeto stolen car checks service is as cheap as £7.50 with an instant hpi check report.

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