Getting a replacement MOT certificate

Lost, damaged or stolen VT20/2.0 certificates

Free with the website


Over the course of a year, around 2% of all MOT tests carried out across the UK are issued as duplicates due to loss or damage. In recent years the average number of MOTs carried out was a little over 600,000.

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What is a duplicate MOT?


When the owner or registered keeper of a vehicle requires a new MOT certificate due to loss, damage or theft.
This often occurs when the owner is looking to sell their vehicle.


Obtaining a duplicate MOT has been tricky in the past but the Ministry of Transport team has been working on some simplifications.


Car owners can now:


  • View an MOT certificate online
  • Save in PDF format
  • Print at home or work and add to their service pack

What vehicles qualify for an online Mot duplication?


  • Passenger vehicles and cars from Class 3, 4, 5 and 7)
  • Motorcycles from Classes 1 and 2

The service is great as it now provides historic MOT certificates issued on and after 20th May 2018. All passed and failed test certificates will be freely available.


The MOT preparation team are looking to reach the online service out to more vehicle types such as buses, lorries and trailers. Until such a time, the following forms must be completed for replacement docs:


Citations to the website:

Heavy Goods Vehicles:

PSV fitness and testing: 


A look at the new services


The test records and vehicles MOT history appear alongside the certificate. It is part of the MOT history service, accessible on all device types.

Steps to view a certificate and test records


Visit, enter a VRM (vehicle registration mark). You also need the 11-digit reference number from the lastest V5C logbook.

MOT test results reach the database instantly after a test is completed, making for a seamless process for both testers and motorists.

Hard copy duplicate certificates


These remain available from the MOT testing centre for each vehicle. Most service centres can and will charge a fee of up to £10.

Obtaining a hard copy MOT duplicate


Requirements (proof)

One of the following:

  • 11 Digit V5C logbook reference number from the latest document
  • Test number of the original certificate (this information can be found on the website for mot history). You will need the 11 digits V5C ref to obtain the original MOT test number.

The recent online system makes the process of duplicates much easier for motorists, especially given that there was over 600,000 issued in 2018 alone.


To note, motorists don’t generally need a hard copy MOT certificate unless they are selling the vehicle. Buying new road tax is also available online as are many motoring services provided by, DVLA and DVSA. Go here for a DVLA tax check via CarVeto. It is free and instant.

Unofficial MOT certificates


No websites outside of those governed by and the Ministry of Transport have a licence or permission to produce duplicate MOT certificates.

The free online service is proving to be an excellent way of negating untrusted or bogus websites.


Head to now to test the online service for yourself. Remember to have your V5C 11-digit reference number to hand.


CarVeto provides a wide range of detailed information on MOTs. Use our MOT sitemap for a list of useful articles and guides.


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