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Reports track MOT data from 2005 within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Find out the standing of a vehicle, including specifications, export status, car insurance and SORN status. CarVeto’s DVLA condition reports also include road tax, and a customised MOT status check with history, advisories and mileages between tests.


The check is available to any motorist who needs to know a vehicle’s roadworthiness and history. This is particularly useful when buying.


For the accurate status of a current DVLA MOT check, the vehicle must be over three years old and registered within the UK from new. We provide data as far back as 2005.


Below you will find a segment from our free vehicle condition checks:

Also run a road insurance check

Useful if you are buying.
Ensure the vehicle is held legally.
If it’s not insured the vehicle must be SORN or held by a dealer.

Vehicle insurance check

You can telephone DVLA

MOT status via DVLA Enquiries – telephone 0300 200 7861

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check the status of an mot and its history and road tax information

MOT status versus SORN


The MOT test governs if a used vehicle meets minimum road safety and environmental standards. It is unlawful to use a vehicle of test age on the public highways without a current MOT certificate check VT20/2.0.


A vehicle may not have a current MOT if registered as SORN with DVLA (Statutory Off Road Notification). SORN allows the registered keeper to keep possession of the vehicle without road tax, an active MOT or insurance. The vehicle must always be kept off the road during SORN status.


Once the vehicle has a new MOT, DVLA SORN removal is automatic and the vehicle can be taxed.


If more than 3 years old, it is unlawful to drive a vehicle on the road without a current MOT. However, the vehicle can be driven to a per-booked MOT test. Here is the link to learn what an MOT is with definitions.

Buying a car without a current MOT


Things to think about:
You will not be able to test drive the vehicle or drive it home without a current MOT certificate.

This limits the opportunity to test the car thoroughly before purchase. As part of CarVeto best practice, we do not suggest buying a vehicle without a thorough test drive.

You can still run a background check on the vehicle and explore its previous MOT history. Get to see past reasons for failure and advisory items that may need replacing on the next test.


CarVeto provides our industry’s leading guide to buying a second-hand vehicle. It is included with every Platinum CarVeto carcheck. Find detailed information about test driving and how to identify if a vehicle will be reliable and good value.

MOT reminders


A useful MOT status check service, especially as it is free.

The DVLA send MOT reminder letters (or text/email) to the registered keeper in advance of the MOT expiry date.


Due to the growing demand for MOT appointments, DVLA tends to get in touch a little sooner than usual. In most cases, you will get a hard copy reminder letter sent to you around 7 weeks before MOT renewal due date.


Here you can apply for your own reminder: Gov.UK MOT reminders

MOT testing schedules


Motorists can also check MOT status via DVLA Enquiries – telephone 0300 200 7861 to do that.


General criteria of a valid MOT:


  • Motorbikes and cars (Class 1, 2, 3 & 4) over 3 years of age
  • Passenger vehicles and heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and trailers (1 Year)
  • Taxis and buses after first use (usually 1 year)


Use the link here to find out how much an MOT costs for all vehicle types.

MOT history


Here is a range of detailed information on DVLA mot history and its usefulness when buying a used vehicle. This full guide describes each report in detail and demonstrates how to use this data correctly.

Such history is free to use via CarVeto.

MOT exemption


MOT exemption and vehicles of historical interest (VHI). You may also check the government website for more detail:

We’ve put together this useful guide on applying for MOT exemption. See if your vehicle qualifies, timeframes to notifying DVLA, costs and other associated questions.

In short, vehicles registered pre 1960 will not require a current MOT. This covers England, Scotland and Wales but excludes Northern Ireland. Such vehicles are classified as ‘classic vehicle’s’.


Should a VHI be permanently exported to Northern Ireland it would need an MOT test.


If the VHI is moved to Northern Ireland for a short period i.e. car show or holiday, the vehicle must be driven with the V112 exemption declaration. This certificate is issued by DVLA and provides evidence that the vehicle is exempt from having a current MOT under the VHI scheme.

Use the following link to access the PDF application form V112:


Other vehicle types that are exempt from a valid MOT:


  1. Electric powered goods vehicles registered in the UK before 1st March 2015
  2. Tractors

Renewing an MOT


Our team have composed a cracking article on MOT pre check preparations. It answers a range of questions around MOT testing and how to get a vehicle ready.


A vehicle can be retested up to one month before the current MOT expires. This additional period will be added to the new MOT certificate effectively providing an active MOT status of more than 12-months.

If a vehicle is tested more than a month before the current MOT expiry date, the time difference will not be included. This means the new MOT check status will be valid for 12-months from the date of a passed test.


Note, an official MOT test certificate issued within England, Scotland or Wales is valid in Northern Ireland for the entire period of the MOT test certificate.

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