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Plate change history, including private number plates and dates of changes registered with DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)

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Check number plate history and changes via CarVeto and DVLA.

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Buying a car with hidden history

With so many cars to choose from, making a significant financial investment for a new car can be daunting.

If you make a mistake, your buying decision is not easily reversed.

Your vehicle checks need to include a look at any hidden history like an outstanding finance check, insurance write-off status, a mileage discrepancy and theft alert.

Private number plate searches (registration plate changes) can also cause problems.

All of these factors potentially impact safety, finances or the legality to buy.

Take them seriously by arming yourself with the facts.

Information included with a CarVeto number plate check

This vehicle enquiry service searches and returns all available information for any UK vehicle, registered with DVLA.


Data sources

With a car reg number, CarVeto scans DVLA (includes road tax and MOT history for previous mileage reading), Police National Computer, MIAFTR, Experian (finance company asset register) and askMID to check car insurance company status.

Reports are similar to an HPI Check, but with CarVeto’s extended search criteria and friendly expert service.

Confirm the basics

Free, basic checks allow you to confirm vehicle details.

      • Make and model
      • Fuel type
      • Engine size
      • Body colour
      • Vehicle tax and current MOT status
      • Latest V5C log book issue date
      • Export status
      • Date of registration
      • Year of manufacture

Once you have confirmed vehicle basics, use the comprehensive car history check to uncover any hidden history such as finance, write-off, previously stolen, car clocking (rollback) and previous owner’s data.

My CarVeto report displays one or more private plates


Can I still buy the car and what do I need to do?

Your plate history check lists all past and current car registration with DVLA, including the month and year of each record and its appending plate number.

A CarVeto warning status alerts you to act with caution.

Whilst DVLA registered plate changes are legitimate transfers; it is wise to question the seller first. You may also request documentation of any plate changes managed by the registered keeper.


Number plate transfer or retention

It is both safe and legal to buy a car with a different number plate in most cases. However, if the owner wishes to keep their private plate, a DVLA transfer is mandatory.


Is it safe and legal to buy the vehicle?

Yes, it is OK to buy a car with plate check history provided:


There is no loan against the car
Check your car report for an alert that includes the lending company, finance agreement details and contact information.
Learn how to check outstanding finance on a car.


There is no stolen alert
Sounds obvious that you would not buy a car if it were stolen. Some circumstances may still allow you to buy a car with a stolen maker. For example, the vehicle may have been stolen and recovered, and the theft marker was not removed.
Learn how to avoid buying a stolen car.


It’s not a write-off
Again, your CarVeto report will disclose any previous accident damage with insurance company involvement. Remember, a written-off vehicle is worth a lot less than a genuine one.
Learn about write off categories
Learn about a Cat S write off
Learn about a Cat N write off


There are no mileage discrepancies
A car with incorrect mileage is unsafe to buy or drive and is worth a lot less than one with genuine mileage.
Learn how to check car mileage is genuine


It’s also good to run your own checks:

Car details

  • Previous keeper history and how long the current keeper has kept the vehicle.
  • VIN and engine number check match on the car, V5 and your CarVeto certificate

Expert guidance

You may have a nagging question or concern about a car you want to buy. Reach out to our team of automotive experts. We are on hand to answer questions and reduce your risk of buying an unfit vehicle.