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Vehicle check

Run a free car check via our homepage. Our free check includes basic information about any UK registered vehicle, export status, MOT status, road tax status, export status and National Insurance Database status. Also, find useful information about our free and paid car checks, what is covered, costs and buyer protection.

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Key pages across our website for motorists in the process of buying a new or used car in the UK.

Customer sitemap

A look at the factors than impede vehicle safety, legality and roadworthiness. Ideal for those about to buy a car.

Glossary sitemap

This section of CarVeto provides useful information about terms and conditions, cookie policy, privacy policy, information accessibility, about CarVeto checks and what a CarVeto is.

Free car guides sitemap

Almost all of the information CarVeto provides is free and complimentary. We only have a single paid product known as Veto Platinum. Our free car guides include information and tips on car history, previous ownership, road tax checks, free car checks, MOT history checks, car buying tips and an exact definition of what CarVeto is compared to other services such as HPI check or My Car Check.

Blog Sitemap

CarVeto provides a tailored look at the facets of buying a used car in the UK. Our experience in the used car industry spans 30 years and is shared in our regular blogroll.

Blog Sitemap part ii

More blog guides for CarVeto customers.

MOT check sitemap

Detailed information about car MOT checks. This section of CarVeto answers questions to the many components of an MOT including testing, history, certificates and failures. You can also enjoy supporting information and citations from trusted sources.

Guide to buying a new or used car

A 13-step guide to buying a vehicle. From financing and selling your current vehicle to maintenance and DVLA notifications.

MOT near me

Vehicles over 3-years of age must have an annual MOT test inspection for road safety and legality.

How to sell a car

Helpful car-selling guides for private motorists. Find how to sell a car privately, at auction, online or via one of the leading car-buying services.